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3  Weapons - Germs

In combination with: Vietnam; Estados Unidos; Kuwait; Jamaica; Iraq; Afganistán;

أسرة كولن باول وزير الخارجية الأمريكي الأسبق تنعيه "فقدنا زوجا وأبا وجدا مميزا ومحبا وأمريكيا عظيما" External link

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Trigger words: [Weapons-Germs] أسلحة[4]; الأسلحة[1]; أسلحة بيولوجية[1]; بيولوجية[1]; [Vietnam] فيتنام[1];

Entidades: George W Bush[3]; Ronald Reagan[1]; Saddam Hussein[2]; Barack Obama[2]; Colin Powell[13];

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  • كولن باول وزير
  • حرب الخليج عام
  • جورج بوش الأب
  • عهد الرئيس جورج
  • ومحبا وأمريكيا عظيما

Family of Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State, conscious of "We lost a husband and father, a distinguished, loving and a great American"

Colin Powell is the first black US Secretary of state, and he played an important role in shaping US foreign policy in the late 20th and early 21st century years, according to CNN. Its origins and beginnings. In New York City, Colin Powell was born in 1937 and raised in Harlem, where his father, Luther, emigrated....

Am avut COVID-19 și eu nu am murit External link

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Trigger words: [Weapons-Germs] biologică[1]; armă biologică[1]; armă[1]; [Vietnam] Vietnam[1];

Entidades: Klaus Iohannis[3]; Florin Cîțu[2]; Scott Peck[1];

Otras categorías: Coronavirus Infection;

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  • bucurești
  • covid
  • românia
  • murit
  • decât

I had COVID - 19 and I have died

Despite a daily functionality that I could not m-am comfortable in pain and with what doctors call or long Covid sequelae. Now, when we decided to tell their experience, window is open and hear ambulance sirens passing boulevard.

3  Virus - GMO

In combination with: Sudáfrica;

South Africa regulator not authorising Russian COVID-19 vaccine for now External link

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Trigger words: [Virus-GMO] genetic[1]; viruses[1]; modified[1]; [SouthAfrica] South Africa[4]; geo[South Africa];

Entidades: Alexander Winning[1]; Giles Elgood[1]; Tim Cocks[1];

Otras categorías: Coronavirus Infection; AIDS;

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  • sputnik
  • south africa regulator
  • safety
  • russian covid-19 vaccine
  • hiv

Fallisce un altro vaccino HIV sperimentale External link

Source country corrierenazionale sábado 18 de septiembre de 2021 06H22' CEST | info [en] [es] [other]

Trigger words: [Virus-GMO] geneticamente[1]; modificata[1]; virus[4]; [SouthAfrica] geo[Sudafrica];

Entidades: Melinda Gates[1]; Glenda Gray[1]; Mitchell Warren[1]; Fred Hutchinson[1]; Lawrence Corey[1]; Paul Stoffels[1];

Otras categorías: AIDS; Coronavirus Infection; Communicable disease;

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Paul Stoffels detto: “Siamo estremamente grati alle donne che si sono offerte volontarie per lo studio Imbokodo e ai nostri partner, comprese le persone in prima linea, che contribuiscono ogni giorno a questa continua ricerca per fare la storia dell’HIV”

Glenda Gray sottolineato: “Questa alta incidenza di HIV tra le giovani donne dell’Africa sub-sahariana ci ricorda che, nonostante i grandi progressi fatti nel trattamento e nella prevenzione, l’HIV rimane una grande sfida sanitaria per la regione” “Questo sottolinea la necessità di applicare le conoscenze che saranno acquisite da questa sperimentazione per continuare a far progredire la ricerca di un vaccino globale contro l’HIV”

Mitchell Warren precisato: “Questa non è in alcun modo la fine della ricerca di un vaccino contro l’HIV”

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  • vaccino hiv sperimentale
  • studio
  • ricerca
  • l'hiv
  • medical research council

Fails another vaccine HIV sperimentale

In what has become an all too familiar and depressing decade–long In search for an effective vaccine against AIDS, another candidate has failed In a study on a large scale. The study phase IIb Imbokodo condotto to assess their ability to prevent the emergence of Hiv has not reached the primary endpoint.


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