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Some COVID hot spots see increase in vaccinations; Massachusetts outbreak shows 'vaccines are working': Live COVID-19 updates External link

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Karine Jean Pierre said: "This is an encouraging sign but we need everyone across the country to have a conversation with someone they know who is unvaccinated about getting the shot," "This is how we'll stop the spread of the Delta variant"

More people are deciding to get vaccinated for COVID-19 in some pockets of the U.S. where vaccination rates are low and COVID-19 case rates are high. White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Friday that this is the third week where states with the highest numbers of cases have also had the highest new vaccination rates....

L’épidémie de COVID de Provincetown montre que «les vaccins fonctionnent» External link

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Une épidémie de COVID-19 dans le Massachusetts qui a été essentielle pour que les responsables de la santé décident d’étendre les recommandations de masquage aurait pu être bien pire sans vaccins, selon les experts de la santé. Les personnes entièrement vaccinées représentaient près des trois quarts.......

The epidemic of COVID of Provincetown shows that “vaccines work’

An epidemic of COVID - 19 in Massachusetts who was essential for those responsible for health decide to extend the recommendations of masquage could be much worse without vaccines, according to health experts. Persons fully vaccinated accounted for nearly three quarters.

3  Zika Virus

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From COVID to Malaria: The potential of mRNA vaccines External link

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BioNTech's proposed malaria vaccine will be based, they say, on messenger RNA (mRNA) technology. Along with a vaccine from US-based company Moderna, the BioNTech-Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been among the first to use mRNA technology widely and, according to the current data, successfully....

Tecnologia de mRNA pode revolucionar a medicina External link

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O desenvolvimento de vacinas contra a malária progrediu bastante mal nas últimas décadas. É verdade que a vacina RTS,S existe há vários anos, que pode prevenir cerca de um terço das infecções, e que a partir deste ano existe uma vacina ainda melhor, chamada R21/Matrix-M, que é 75% eficaz. Mas talvez seja possível algo melhor que isso....

Mrna technology may revolutionise medicine

The development of vaccines against malaria has made good progress wrong in recent decades. It is true that the vaccine RTS, S has existed for several years, which may prevent about one third of the infections, and that from this year there is a vaccine even better, so-called R21/Matrix - M, which is 75% effective. But perhaps something better.


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