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3  Zika Virus

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Chikungunya: Declining trend in Congo, Outbreak reported in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia External link

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Republic of Congo. Health officials are reporting a declining trend in chikungunya cases in the Republic of Congo. The Ministry of Health declared an outbreak in February and more than 11,000 cases have been reported from 43 health districts across 10 of the country’s twelve departments....

Los países que Exteriores recomienda "encarecidamente" no visitar este verano External link

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Aunque la decisión de viajar sea responsabilidad exclusiva del viajero, el Ministerio de Exteriores "ruega encarecidamente" que los ciudadanos se abstengan de visitar determinados países, aquellos que, ya sea por epidemias o amenazas terroristas son considerados "inseguros" por las autoridades....

Countries that Exteriores recommends "urge 'no visit this summer

Although the decision to travel is the sole responsibility of the traveller, the foreign ministry "strongly urges" citizens to refrain from visiting certain countries, those who, either by epidemics or terrorist threats are considered to be "unsafe" by the authorities.

3  Vomiting

In combination with: Iran, Islamic Republic Of;

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