Recent Disease Incidents

Automatically extracted from MediSys news items by PULS (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Polio2020GLOBAL350,000 casesEden Court theatre audiences help to eradicate Polio
Dengue2019.10.21AzerbaijanSeventy four people74 people die of dengue in Sri Lanka
Dengue2019.10.21India644 cases'Campaign helped keep dengue under control'
Legionella2019.10USA/North Carolinapeople4 dead from Legionnaires' outbreak linked to hot tubs
Disease2019.10.21SwitzerlandpeopleFace Up To Rosacea: Galderma Launches Online Support to Empower and Equip Rosacea Sufferers to Discuss the True Burden of Their Disease With a Dermatologist
Rash Syndrome2019.10.20France81-year-old manMan killed and woman badly injured in latest electric scooter crash in France
Measles2019.10.19Australia10 casesWorld: Epidemic and emerging disease alerts in the Pacific as of 21 October 2019
Dengue--Sri Lankadengue casesSri Lanka: Epidemiology Unit, Ministry of Health: Dengue Update, 21 October 2019
Salmonella2019.10.20Australiaany salmonella casesCORE Powerfoods recalled for salmonella risk
spread2019.10.20Chilethree deathsProtests in Chile Leave Three Dead, Capital and Five Provinces Under State of Emergency
Monkeypox2019.10.18Nigeriathree reported casesProvide monkey pox vaccine to prevent outbreak –NMA
Cholera--Zimbabweat least 26 peopleFears of another cholera outbreak hit Zimbabwe as ...
Legionella Pneumophila2019.09USA/North Carolinafourth personNow four people are dead in a Legionnaires' outbreak tied to hot tubs at North Carolina state fair
Measles2019.10.13-2019.10.19Western Samoa14-month toddlerListen to Samoa's control of measles dependent on action in NZ - health officials
severe lung illness2019.10USA/Montanaat least two casesVaping industry spends big in Montana
Legionella2019.10.20USA/Oregontwo residentsSalem Apartment Complex Has Two Cases Of Legionnaires' Disease
Dengue2019.10.20Taiwan1 caseTaiwan: 99th local dengue case, Additional Japanese encephalitis case confirmed
Japanese Encephalitis2019.10.20Taiwan1 caseTaiwan: 99th local dengue case, Additional Japanese encephalitis case confirmed
Tuberculosis2030GLOBALTB deathsGlobal Efforts to Combat TB Epidemic Falling Short
Hepatitis A2019.10USA/California16 peopleState of Emergency Declared in California Over Hepatitis A Outbreak
spread2019.10.15USA/MichigangunmanLoved ones gather to honor Eastpointe bar shooting victim 23 Mins Friends and family members gathered Saturday to remember a man killed as he was trying to help others during an Eastpointe shooting.
Rabies--Pakistanlatest victim21 dog-bite patients treated at JPMC
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever2019.10.19Pakistancases315 more dengue patients tested positive
Dengue2019Pakistan13 lives315 more dengue patients tested positive
Diphtheria--JapanchildrenOfficial rules out diphtheria virus in Badin
Tuberculosis--SyriapatientsThe challenges of tuberculosis control in protracted conflict: the case of Syria
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever--Democratic Republic of Congo15 new casesEbola outbreak in DRC maintains emergency status, WHO
Mumps2019Irelandover 700 casesAlmost 1,800 cases of mumps reported in Ireland so far in 2019
Measles--UKsingle casePublic health alert issued to ferry passengers after person diagnosed with measles
Salmonella2019.10.16SwedenMost casesSalmonella in Sweden: Outbreak now considered over
Leptospirosis2019.10.18UK'unconfirmed' caseLeptospirosis can affect both pets and people
Measles--New Zealandmore than 1,800 casesFears of a major measles outbreak as travellers bring the disease from New Zealand to Australia
Dengue2019.09Cambodia56,000 dengue fever casesCambodia reports dramatic increase in dengue in 2019
illness2019.10.13-2019.10.19USA26 deathsUS vaping-related deaths rise to 33, cases of illness to 1,479
mysterious respiratory illness2019.10.17USA33 deathsUS vaping-related deaths rise to 33, cases of illness to 1,479
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever2019.10.13GLOBAL15 new casesUN Committee says Ebola in DR Congo still an international public health emergency
Dengue2019.09Bihar capitalone memberPatna HC expresses concern over water-logging, dengue outbreak
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever2019.10.13-2019.10.19Africaonly 15 new Ebola casesWHO says Ebola in DR Congo still qualifies as global emergency
Tuberculosis2020IndiaTB casesSpeed is not enough, accelerating progress is key to end TB: new WHO report
Mumps2019.10.16-2019.10.18UK28 casesPublic Health Wales investigates mumps outbreak in Cardiff
Dengue--USA/Floridahuman caseFlorida Issues Advisory After 1 Confirmed Case of Dengue Fever
cluster2019.10.17Philippinesfive peopleFive dead in Philippine quake
mysterious respiratory illness2019.10.17Malaysia33 deathsMysterious US vaping-related deaths rise to 33; 1,479 ill
Vibrio Vulnificans2019.08.31USA/PennsylvaniafriendFlorida man who thought he had a bad sunburn on leg nearly dies from flesh-eating bacteria
Measles2019.08.01-2019.10.18New Zealand (Aotearoa)32 confirmed casesConfirmed measles case at Tokoroa wedding
Measles2019.10.18Waikato DHBmeasles caseConfirmed measles case at Tokoroa wedding
Rabies2019.09USA/Michigantwo dead skunksRabid skunks piling up in one Michigan county
still mysterious outbreak2019.10.17USAat least 33 deathsVaping-related illnesses still rising, though at slower pace
Pseudomonas2019.09.30USA/PennsylvaniasonSuit: Hospital mishandled infection that killed 3 babies
outbreak2019.10.06-2019.10.12USA180 casesVaping-related illnesses still rising, though at slower pace