Kitaifa Kimeta chaua watu wawili Rombo, 30 walazwa External link

Source country habarileo Friday, October 22, 2021 7:07:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Anthrax] kimeta[2]; Kimeta[1]; ugonjwa[2];

Entities: Stephen Kagaigai[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • kitaifa kimeta chaua
  • kula nyama
  • mkoa wa kilimanjaro
  • ugonjwa wa kimeta
  • rombo mkoani kilimanjaro

Biodefense Headlines – 21 October 2021 External link

Source country globalbiodefense Friday, October 22, 2021 12:21:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Anthrax] Epidemic[1]; Drug[2]; Covid[2]; epidemic[3]; show[1]; increase[1]; anthrax[1]; drug[2]; COVID[1]; Weapons[3]; shown[2]; Anthrax[1]; Deaths[1]; Show[1]; outbreaks[1]; international[1]; weapons[2];

Entities: Melinda Gates[1]; Care Worker[1]; Alexéi Navalny[1];

Other categories: Communicable disease; OPCW; Coronavirus Infection; WHO; vaccines; Polio; Antimicrobial resistance; Immunization; Vaccination Adverse Effects;

Top terms

  • million
  • world health organization
  • health care workers
  • headlines 21 october
  • biodefense headlines 21

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Standpunt Stavros Kelepouris Gevaccineerden moeten nu een zekere mate van solidariteit tonen, vooral met andere gevaccineerden Gevaccineerden moeten n External link

Source country demorgen Friday, October 22, 2021 7:01:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Antiviral] antivirale[1];

Entities: Erika Vlieghe[1]; Geert Molenberghs[1];

Other categories: Coronavirus Infection;

Top terms

  • solidariteit tonen
  • standpunt stavros kelepouris
  • kelepouris is journalist
  • mate van solidariteit
  • stavros kelepouris gevaccineerden

Position stavros-elefsina Kelepouris vaccine must now demonstrate a degree of solidarity, especially with other vaccinees vaccine must now demonstrate

Position stavros-elefsina Kelepouris vaccine must now demonstrate a degree of solidarity, especially with other vaccinees stavros-elefsina Kelepouris is journalist. Except for subscribers by The fourth gulf. Three words that are sufficient to meet a significant group of people in the curtains to hunt.

Covid, l’immuloga Viola: “Vaccini più efficaci dei farmaci, e molto meno costosi” External link

Source country rifday Friday, October 22, 2021 6:58:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Antiviral] antivirale[1];

Entities: Antonella Viola[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • l'immuloga viola
  • strada un ragionamento
  • vaccini più efficaci
  • farmaci efficaci
  • euro

Covid, the immuloga violates: “vaccines more effective of medicines, and much less expensive”

Rome, 21 October, the arguments used by the opponents of mass vaccination has been recently a road–to ragionamento playing on advances in pharmaceutical research and the arrival of effective medicines against Covid and sounds about this: since we have at the moment....

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What We Risk If We Fail to Fully Modernize the US Nuclear Deterrent External link

Source country hudson Thursday, October 21, 2021 6:58:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Bio-Attack] attacks[1]; attack[3]; biological[2];

Entities: Barack Obama[1]; George Herbert Walker Bush[1]; Timothy M Ray[1]; Bill Clinton[1]; Xi Jinping[1]; Joe Biden[1];

Other categories: Radiolog material; Radiological threats;

Top terms

  • united states
  • nuclear weapons
  • nuclear deterrent
  • u.s
  • cold war

J&J, Q3: Remicade resiste all’attacco dei biosimilari External link

Source country dailyhealthindustry Thursday, October 21, 2021 6:47:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Bio-Attack] biologico[1]; attacco[1];

Entities: Joaquin Duato[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • remicade resiste all'attacco
  • vendite di remicade
  • j&j
  • periodo dell'anno scorso
  • malattie autoimmuni

J & J, Q3: Remicade succumbs to the attack of biosimilars

Sales of Remicade, the medicine for the treatment of auto-immune diseases of Johnson & Johnson, decreased, in the USA, only 1.3% in the third quarter of this year compared with the same period last year, reaching 1.2 billion dollars.

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Sowing the seed of alternative pathways to agriculture External link

Source country agric-wa-gov-au Friday, October 22, 2021 4:06:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Biodefense] development[1]; biosecurity[1]; Development[1]; developing[1];

Other categories:

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  • students
  • senior high school
  • sowing the seed
  • program
  • alternative pathways

Scientists Survey Fiordland Waters For Microplastics & Marine Invasive Species External link

Source country scoop-co-nz Friday, October 22, 2021 3:51:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Biodefense] biosecurity[2]; develop[2]; Biosecurity[3];

Entities: Olga Pantos[1]; Associate Professor[1];

Other categories: Non-indigenous marine species; Invasive Alien Species; micro-plastics;

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Olga Pantos says: “this work was of particular importance in this area of Aotearoa which is considered remote and fairly untouched by human activity. However, finding pieces of plastic floating in the surface waters - just the ones we could see with the naked eye - really brings home that there is no ecosystem now untouched by our plastic footprint. Seeing these pieces and then within hours seeing pods of humpback whales playing and feeding in the same area, knowing full well when they take a mouthful they’re also ingesting plastics is heartbreaking”

Top terms

  • marine invasive species
  • survey fiordland waters
  • waters for microplastics
  • marine biosecurity toolbox
  • fiordland marine guardians

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Biohazard, un jeu de société pour préserver ensemble la planète External link

Source country midilibre Thursday, October 21, 2021 9:50:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Biohazard] Biohazard[4];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • préserver ensemble
  • biohazard
  • françois berdeaux
  • jeu de société
  • société pour préserver

Biohazard, a game of company to preserve together the planet

You 24 minutes to jointly build a figure who is going to combat pollution and save the planet! This is the concept of the game of cooperative society created by François Berdeaux. Author, orchestrator and vidéaste, the Lodévois is always in search of experiences to diversify its activities.

Law enforcement departments looking for votes to win K9 grant competition Several K-9 units from central Wisconsin are in the running to win a $5,000 External link

Source country wsaw Tuesday, October 19, 2021 9:02:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Biohazard] biohazard[2];

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  • central wisconsin
  • law enforcement departments
  • win a $5
  • 000
  • police department

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Interview mit Magdalena del Amo: „Die Direktoren einiger pharmazeutischer Labors sind wiederum Direktoren von Unternehmen, die Graphen vermarkten“ External link

Source country uncut-news Thursday, October 21, 2021 12:51:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Top terms

  • magdalena del amo
  • wiederum direktoren
  • interview mit magdalena
  • buch
  • pharmazeutischer labors

Interview with magdelena del Amo: ‘the directors of some pharmaceutical laboratories are in turn directors of companies, the Graphen market’

Ar. – ‘the biggest fraud in the history of the health. A cover for a world without freedom’, the AD-Mitarbeiterin magdelena del Amo, psychologist, writer and journalist, drafted. The book presented an alternative view, not only on the so-called....

IL: Rokotepakko olisi mahdollinen mutta poliittisesti vaikea External link

Source country verkkouutiset Thursday, October 21, 2021 7:25:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Bioterror] bioterrori-iskun[1]; bioterrorismin[1];

Entities: Lasse Lehtonen[1]; Pauli Rautiainen[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • rokotepakko olisi mahdollinen
  • rokotevelvoitteeseen liittyvä pykälä
  • pauli rautiainen huomauttaa
  • valtiosääntösääntöasiantuntija ja oikeustieteen
  • oikeustieteen tutkija pauli

IL: A Rootetcompulsory would be possible but politically difficult

Pauli Rautiainen, a constitutional expert and law researcher, points out that there is already a section on the obligation to vaccinate in infectious diseases. According to that Article, ‘the Government Decree may provide for compulsory vaccination if comprehensive vaccination is necessary…

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氣候變遷嚴重 聯合國籲COP26峰會應避免失敗 2021/10/22 11:04 External link

Source country cnataiwan Friday, October 22, 2021 5:35:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Contamination] 污染[2];

Entities: Antonio Guterres[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • 聯合國籲cop26峰會應避免失敗 2021/10/22 11:04
  • 氣候變遷嚴重 聯合國籲cop26峰會應避免失敗 2021/10/22
  • 古特瑞斯(antonio guterres)表示,目前的跡象「顯示了(氣溫)正走上比工業化前的水準上升至少攝氏2.7度之路,而這顯然是張通往災難的單程車票。」
  • 但目前聯合國(un)的估計顯示,溫度上升攝氏2.7度的「災難性」暖化即將到來。 古特瑞斯(antonio
  • 他補充道:「如果他們不挺身而出,我們將走向人類可怕的苦難。」 他說:「中國和美國必須做到,比他們現在宣布的計畫還多。」

The United Nations has called on the COP26 Summit to avoid a failure. 2021/10/22 11:04

United Nations Secretary-General Guterres said today that the current climate situation is like (getting) a one-way ticket to a disaster, and stressed the need to "avoid failure" at the Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow. 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change (Paris The Agreement, which was concluded at the 21st Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21), calls for global warming to be limited to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, preferably close to 1.5 degrees Celsius. However, according to current UN estimates, "catastrophic" warming with a temperature rise of 2.7 degrees Celsius is approaching. According to Antonio Guterres, the current indications "show that the temperature is at least 2 degrees Celsius higher than the pre-industrial level External link

Source country takungpao Friday, October 22, 2021 4:44:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Contamination] 污染[4];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • 出現病徵恐已屆腎病末期
  • 圖:尼加拉瓜農民在高溫天氣下勞作。\網上圖片
  • 全球2/3人口面臨威脅
  • 另有部分科學家認為,暴露於農藥或傳染病,以及貧窮、營養不良等其他影響健康的社會因素,都可能導致人們罹患ckdu。

Figure: Nicaraguan farmers work in hot weather. [News] Combined report by The Guardian and VOX News: The United Nations Climate Change Glasgow Conference is about to be held, and countries will discuss further measures to reduce carbon emissions. Along with the global warming trend, the prevalence of CKDu, which was first prevalent in rural Central America, has increased, and it has occurred in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and other regions. The disease may be associated with prolonged outdoor work in hot weather. Medical experts have warned that millions of workers worldwide are at risk of chronic kidney disease as global temperatures continue to rise in the coming decades. Unexplained chronic kidney disease (CKDu) emerged in the 1970s and became prevalent in hot rural areas such as El Salvador, Nicaragua and Mexico, where many sugar cane workers died from irreversible kidney failure, often the poorest in marginal communities, and engaged in outdoor physical activity at high temperatures....

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Syria executes 24 people for setting wildfires, calling it ‘terrorism’ External link

Source country bdnews24 Friday, October 22, 2021 5:46:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Counterterrorism] counterterrorism[2];

Entities: Bashar Assad[1]; Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan[1]; Sara Kayyali[1]; Bashar-al Assad[1]; Abdullah II of Jordan[2];

Other categories:

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Sara Kayyali said (about Bashar-al Assad) : “The idea that 24 people were executed in relation to wildfires just smacks of the farce that Bashar al-Assad has made of the justice system over the last decade,”

Sara Kayyali said: “We have seen the counterterrorism law and this court be used to stifle dissent, to send hundreds of people to their deaths,” “So the idea that this was referenced in relation to these executions is an immediate red flag”

Top terms

  • setting wildfires
  • syria executes 24
  • president bashar assad
  • human rights watch
  • people for setting

'Plan Z': With Afghanistan lost, U.S. weighs help from adversaries in terror fight External link

Source country washtimes Friday, October 22, 2021 12:30:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Counterterrorism] counterterrorist[1]; counterterrorism[5];

Entities: Daniel Byman[1]; Nathan Sales[1]; Lloyd Austin[1]; Gen Milley[2]; Mr Austin[2]; Mark Milley[1]; Vladimir Putin[2]; Sergey Lavrov[1]; Gen Mark Milley[1];

Other categories:

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Nathan Sales said: “The fact that these options seem so outlandish really is a measure of how few good choices we have available to us at this point. If we’re seriously talking to the Russians, we must be on Plan Z,”

Nathan Sales told (about Vladimir Putin) : “Not every partner is going to be the United Kingdom. But I don’t recall a situation where we were seriously contemplating partnering with a sworn adversary, which is what the Taliban is and Russia is under Vladimir Putin,”

Daniel Byman said: “There is disagreement on this question. What I would stress is there’s a high degree of uncertainty about this, and as a result if you’re in the defense world you plan for the more worrisome cases,”

Daniel Byman told: “The bad news is they’ve had 20 years to cut ties to al Qaeda and they haven’t,”

Sergey Lavrov said: “Like most of the other influential countries in the region, we are in contact with them,”

Mr Austin said (about Gen Milley) : “I can assure you we are not seeking Russia’s permission to do anything, but I believe … [Gen. Milley] asked for clarification [about] what that offer was,”

Nathan Sales said: “would be a terrible partner in the fight against ISIS. They simply don’t have the capabilities to apply pressure to ISIS, and they won’t give us the access we’d need to do it ourselves,” “They don’t bring a lot to the table in terms of the counterterrorism fight against ISIS”

Top terms

  • taliban
  • vladimir putin
  • plan
  • u.s
  • islamic state

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打造国家公园的“海南样本” 试点期间成果丰硕 External link

Source country gmw Friday, October 22, 2021 6:09:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Decontamination] 净化[1];

Entities: Xi Jinping[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • 以破促立 试点期间成果丰硕
  • 打造国家公园的“海南样本
  • 这一幕既折射出海南热带雨林国家公园的生物多样性之美,同时也见证着体制试点给这片雨林带来的点滴改变。
  • 独一无二“生态家底”价值极高
  • 而作为地球上生物多样性最丰富的生态系统,热带雨林的生态价值绝不仅限于雨林本身。

The pilot project for building the "Hainan Sample" of the National Park was fruitful

A wild kiwi leaps down from his branch, and a strong boar runs up to shake his head, as well as squirrels. A few days ago, the staff of the Hainan Rainforest National Park Administration's HangLuo Mountain Branch opened the "electronic fence" real-time monitoring platform in the area, as usual, and the vast number of photos produced were assembled into a living "rainforest encyclopedia". This scene reflects the beauty of the biodiversity of the Hainan Rainforest National Park, and also witness the change that the pilot system has brought to the rainforest. Recently, China announced the establishment of the first batch of national parks, including the Hainan Rainforest National Park. Why stand out from 10 pilot national parks? The Hainan Rainforest provides its own answers with a unique "ecological bottom" and a remarkable pilot "score report". The unique "ecological bottom" is of great value.

定了!水产养殖未来就这样搞! External link

Source country fishfirst Friday, October 22, 2021 5:55:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Decontamination] 净化[3];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • 报告嘉宾: 中国水产科学研究院渔业工程研究所副研究员 杨光
  • 报告主题: 全国池塘养殖尾水治理专项建设规划(2021-2035年) 报告嘉宾:
  • 水产品安心产销解决方案
  • 全国池塘养殖尾水治理专项建设规划(2021-2035年) 报告嘉宾: 中国水产科学研究院渔业工程研究所副研究员
  • 现场嘉宾

Booked! Aquaculture will do so in the future!

At the same time, the exhibition held the "Fourth China Industrial Aquaculture Summit Forum." The theme of the "Focus on Facilities Culture to Help Ecological Development" was adopted, and the southern whitebait shrimp, sea bass, and grouper species were used as examples to conduct in-depth discussions on the future of the industrialized aquaculture industry. Chen Huangen, Deputy Director of the Fisheries Technology Promotion Center of Jiangsu Province; Wang Lei, Research Fellow of the Institute of Marine Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Yang Guangang, Associate Research Fellow of the Institute of Fisheries Engineering of the China Academy of Aquatic Sciences; Zhou Enhua, Technical Manager of Freshwater Culture of the American Soybean Export Association; Fan Zhiming, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Guo Yitton, Chairman of the Shanghai Branch of Dongfinggu (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.; Lu Zhengzheng, Secretary-General of the National Industrial Aquaculture and Equipment Innovation Alliance; Chen Hailong, Executive Secretary; The meeting was attended by more than 300 people, including renowned industry figures and industry representatives, including Xiangkun, general manager of Bocan Zhi Yue (Qingdao) Marine Science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. ...

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НАБУ завершило расследование дела одиозного харьковского лесника Сысы External link

Source country kha-comments Friday, October 22, 2021 6:07:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Glanders] САП[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • харьковского лесника сысы
  • дела одиозного харьковского
  • завершило расследование дела
  • харьковщине виктора сысы
  • расследование дела одиозного

Naboo pre-buys odious investlgatlon kharkov ranger сысы

Mokhnatyi investigation lesnik gave 100 thousand dollars bribe-michael detective. The other day naboo and sap-southern completed the investigation against the former director of Гутянсого leskhoz on Kharkiv pontis Сысы, who is suspected of bribery detective. The press service reports naboo, pass "comments. Пакеты."

Одержання 1 млн грн неправомірної вигоди експосадовцем Нацполіції: матеріали відкрито External link

Source country all-kharkov Friday, October 22, 2021 6:01:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Glanders] САП[2];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • грн неправомірної вигоди
  • вигоди експосадовцем нацполіції
  • матеріали відкрито
  • нпу
  • служби нацполіції україни

Одержання uah 1 million неправомірної вигоди експосадовцем Нацполіції: відкрито video input

Naboo і sap-southern completed розслідування стосовно колишнього department chief вибухотехнічної служби Нацполіції volyni� (далі ­– nhri-specific) department at викритого одержанні 980 yew-tree hryvni неправомірної вигоди та подальшій її легалізації, and can you give також однієї species – private підприємця, який і nadavi неправомірну вигоду.

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Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever

Sabin Vaccine Institute Receives... External link

Source country sabin Thursday, October 21, 2021 8:35:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [MarburgHemorrhagicFever] Marburg virus[2]; fever[3]; Marburg[15]; virus[7];

Entities: Amy Finan[1];

Other categories: Communicable disease; Coronavirus Infection; WHO; Filovirus; Emerging disease; New Plant Pests;

Top terms

  • sabin vaccine institute
  • ebola sudan
  • biomedical advanced research
  • vaccine institute receives
  • research and development

Again, APC postpones state congress in Oyo External link

Source country tribuneonlineng Thursday, October 21, 2021 6:49:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [MarburgHemorrhagicFever] Marburg virus[1]; Marburg[1]; virus[2];

Entities: Abba Kyari[2]; Mai Buni[1];

Other categories: WHO; Coronavirus Infection;

Top terms

  • postpones state congress
  • claim
  • oyo apc state
  • convention planning committee
  • congress in oyo

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Medical Security

Οι Μονάδες Εντατικής Θεραπείας στην Ελλάδα External link

Source country rp-gr Friday, October 22, 2021 7:21:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Medical] ιατρικά[1];

Other categories: Multidrug resistant;

Top terms

  • νεκρούς ανά εκατομμύριο
  • νοσηλευτές ανά κλίνη
  • μονάδες εντατικής θεραπείας
  • θνητότητα
  • θεραπείας στην ελλάδα

The intensive care units in greece

With great interest that I read áðïóðueóìáôá onlinecompared his speech σοβαροτάτου political-dialogue and esteemed universitylevel °k. Venizelos, who wonders why we vasectomised κορωνοϊού [because of] up more deaths in relation to other european countries?”, he says in greece have 17 deaths per million inhabitants (15.

Ακουστικό νευρίνωμα: Τι πρέπει να ξέρετε για τον όγκο στο αυτί External link

Source country offsite Friday, October 22, 2021 7:19:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Medical] ιατρικά[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • ακουστικό νευρίνωμα
  • ακουστικά νευρινώματα
  • συμπτώματα
  • απώλεια ακοής
  • νεύρο

Audiobook νευρίνωμα: what you should know about volumesbefore ear-ache

The νευρινώματα appjr resulting from Schwann cells (σβαννώματα), withadirect wrapped around and supporting nerve fibres, hence the name αιθουσαίο σβάννωμα. The σβαννώματα may occur in any cranial, or peripheral nerve of the house, but in the brain, is the most common νευρινώματα appjr σβαννώματα.

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Milano, morti d'amianto in Atm: nessun colpevole External link

Source country ilgiorno Friday, October 22, 2021 5:34:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Pathogen-of-war] agente[1]; patogeno[1];

Entities: Paolo Grasso[1]; La Corte[1]; Ezio Bonanni[1]; Caterina Malavenda[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • nessun colpevole
  • morti d'amianto
  • trovate questo articolo
  • d'amianto in atm
  • elio gambini

Milan, dead of asbestos in Atm: no guilty

Find this article within the newsletter "hello Milan." Every day at 7, from Monday to Friday, the entered the community of 'day' will receive a newsletter devoted to the city of Milan. For the first time readers may choose a complete product offering.

Encaran múltiples trabajos para contener el desborde cloacal External link

Source country hoydia Friday, October 22, 2021 5:05:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Pathogen-of-war] agentes[2]; patógenos[2];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • encaran múltiples trabajos
  • desborde cloacal
  • trabajos para contener
  • municipalidad de córdoba
  • barrios villa páez

Face multiple work to contain the cloacal will cross

The city of Córdoba works in the neighbourhoods Villa Páez and Alberdi with the aim of remedying the many obstructions of the random cloacal network. On the eve, the company was entubamiento Supercemento work of liquids in 260 metres on the street governor fair....

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Weapons - Germs

دراسة: تويتر ينجح فى كبح نظريات المؤامرة أثناء الوباء External link

Source country dostor Friday, October 22, 2021 1:36:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Weapons-Germs] بيولوجي[1]; سلاح[1];

Other categories: Epidemic; Virus;

Top terms

  • منصات التواصل الاجتماعي
  • المؤامرة أثناء الوباء
  • ينجح فى كبح
  • وقال معدو الدراسة
  • نظريات المؤامرة أثناء

Study: Twitter is curbing conspiracy theories during the epidemic

A new study highlighted how different platforms dealt with the proliferation of unreliable news reports during the COVID-19 epidemic, and revealed that while most social media platforms had swelled conspiracy theories about the epidemic, Twitter had managed to curb them. The study, published by the American Sage patrol, asked people from 17 countries....

Маргарита Симоньян оскорбила 70% граждан России External link

Source country geopolitica Thursday, October 21, 2021 11:39:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Weapons-Germs] биологическое оружие[1];

Entities: Anthony Fauchi[1]; Margarita Simonyan[3]; Luc Montagnier[1];

Other categories: Coronavirus Infection;

Top terms

  • маргарита симоньян оскорбила
  • слова главного редактора
  • 70% граждан россии
  • симоньян ранее назвала
  • симоньян оскорбила 70%

Margarita Simonyan insulted 70% of citizens of Russia

The words, editor-in-chief of the RT Margarita Simonyan on the'rzsz антиваксерах”, because of which the'rzsz dying children,” insulted 70% of the citizens of Russia, 21 October stated REGNUM. In his Telegram earlier-registered Симоньян nordschliefe the'rzsz dufuses” anti-fretilin COVID vaccination 19 and stated that all of them - "a direct threat to the health and lives of my own, and the remaining children” in Russia.

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White Powder

Man nabbed at Bengaluru airport for smuggling gold External link

Source country timesnownews Thursday, October 21, 2021 10:28:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [WhitePowder] white powder[2];

Entities: Indira Gandhi[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • customs officials
  • kempegowda international airport
  • karnataka's bengaluru
  • smuggling gold
  • tamil nadu's chennai

Rennes. Les artisans ont leur agence de communication External link

Source country OuestFrance Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:25:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [WhitePowder] risques[1]; lettres[1]; enveloppe[1]; poudre blanche[1];

Entities: Henri Michel[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • rennes
  • martin et bonne
  • serrurerie rennaise martin
  • ghislain couplet
  • margaux debosscher

Rennes. Artisans have their communication agency

What is the link between the hairdressing salons Henri Michel, the locks rennaise Martin and good pickaxe, an enterprise jacquolandine masonry? All these companies are using the Artisane, the communication agency located in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, destination of craftsmen.

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