Efectividad de vacunas en la mira ante aparición de variantes de Covid External link

Source country UltimaHora Sunday, August 1, 2021 9:28:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Chickenpox] caso[1]; casos[6]; varicela[1];

Entities: Heriberto García[1]; Jairo Mendez[1];

Other categories: Coronavirus Infection; WHO; Medicinal Products;

Nuevas variantes del virus del Covid, como la delta y la delta plus, se han hecho mayoritarias en países donde los índices de inmunización son altos, como es el caso del Reino Unido (con el 55,4% de la población completamente vacunada) o Estados Unidos (49,6%)....

Effectiveness of vaccines in looks to emergence of variants of covid

New variants Covid virus, as the delta and the delta plus, have been made in countries where the majority of immunization rates are high, as is the case of the united kingdom (with 55,4% of the population fully vaccinated) or the united states of america (49,6%).

Efectividad de vacunas en la mira ante aparición de variantes de Covid External link

Source country UltimaHora Sunday, August 1, 2021 7:11:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Chickenpox] casos[6]; varicela[1];

Entities: Heriberto García[1]; Jairo Mendez[1];

Other categories: Coronavirus Infection; WHO; Medicinal Products;

Según la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS), se han registrado hasta mayo de 2021 un total de 13 vacunas distintas contra el Covid-19 a través de varias plataformas. Expertos de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS), como Heriberto García Escorza, director del Instituto de Salud Pública.......

Effectiveness of vaccines in looks to emergence of variants of covid

According to the World Health Organization (who), have been recorded until may 2021 a total of 13 different vaccines against the Covid - 19 through various platforms. Experts of the pan-american health organization (paho), as Heriberto García Escorza, director of the institute of public health....

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أهم عناوين الصحف الايرانية لصباح اليوم الأحد ٠١أغسطس2021 External link

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Trigger words: [Diphtheria] الخناق[1];

Entities: Najib Mikati[1];

Other categories: Nuclear safety;

جمهوري اسلامي .. - قوى المقاومة العراقية تلوح باحتمال بدء التصدي للتواجد العسكري الامريكي في اية لحظة. حمايت .. - القوات اليمنية المشتركة توجه ضربات موجعة جديدة للتحالف السعودي في محافظتي البيضاء وشبوة. كيهان .. - انفجار في ناقلة نفط شركة "اسرائيلية" ببحرعمان, وامريكا لا تستبعد كونه هجوما بمسيرة انتحارية....

The main headlines in the Iranian newspapers today morning (Sunday) 01 Agust2021

Islamic Republic. The Iraqi resistance forces indicate the possibility of starting to confront the US military presence at any moment. Hamayat .. The joint Yemeni forces are launching new painful strikes against the Saudi alliance in the governorates of Al-Baida and Shabwa. Kihan .. - an explosion in an Israeli company's oil tanker in Amman, and America does not exclude that it is an attack by a suicide March.

سياسة ومحليات 19,619 مشاهدة «مئة مليون ليرة» كلفة تجهيز منزل عروسين متواضع.. إن وُجد المنزل! External link

Source country bintjbeil Sunday, August 1, 2021 8:03:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Diphtheria] الخناق[1];

Other categories:

كتبت يارا سعد في صحيفة الأخبار: أطبق تضخّم الأسعار الخناق على كلّ مناحي الحياة، وصار الزّواج وتجهيز منزل حلماً لمعظم الشّباب الّذين يتقاضون رواتبهم باللّيرة، هذا إن كان الراتب متوفّراً نظراً إلى ارتفاع نسبة البطالة، ولا سيّما بين هذه الفئة. وإذا كانت بعض مستلزمات الحياة قد بقيت عند مستويات ما قبل.......

Policy and localities 19,619 see '100 million lira' the cost of preparing a modest bride's home. If there is a house!

In the newspaper Al-Akhbar, Yara Saad wrote: "The inflation of prices has applied the stifling to all aspects of life, and marriage has become a dream home for most young people who are paid in lira, if the salary is available because of the high unemployment rate, especially among this group. If some life supplies have stayed at pre-....

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What The Fork: Be it Biryani or Bibimbap, Rice and Meat is the Ultimate Comfort Food for Kunal Vijayakar External link

Source country news18 Sunday, August 1, 2021 10:59:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Measles] lot[1]; masalas[1];

Other categories:

Irani and Mughlai restaurants in Mumbai have in the last few years started serving something called Kepsa. Once again, it’s rice and meat. Last Updated: August 01, 2021, 13:14 IST; FOLLOW US ON: ​ It’s the ultimate one bowl meal, rice with meat. At its simplest a bowl of Goan (Ukade) Red Rice with.......

Кекс с растително масло External link

Source country haskovo Sunday, August 1, 2021 10:34:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Measles] кори[1]; умерена[1];

Other categories:

Яйцето се разбива много добре със захарта, след което при непрекъснато разбъркване се прибавят растителното масло, брашното, пресято с бакпулвера, прясното мляко, лъжица по лъжица какаото, ромът и портокаловите кори. Сместа се изсипва в намазана с масло и поръсена с брашно форма и се пече 40-50 мин. в умерена фурна....

Cake with vegetable oil

The egg is very well broken with the sugar and then, with continuous stirring, add the vegetable oil, the flour sieved with a powdered baking powder, the fresh milk, a spoon of cocoa, rum and orange peel. Pour the mixture into an oil-coated and flour-sprinkled form and wash for 40-50 minutes in a moderate oven.

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Olimpíadas de Tóquio: veja 5 grandes eventos esportivos afetados por outras epidemias External link

Source country g1-globo Sunday, August 1, 2021 10:22:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Meningitis] meningite[4];

Other categories: Zika Virus; vaccines; Coronavirus Infection; Swine Flu; Epidemic; Influenza; zika filter for ECDC;

Esta não é a primeira vez em que uma crise de saúde marcou os preparativos de um grande evento esportivo. Alguns eventos esportivos ocorreram mesmo durante outras epidemias, e surtos de doenças infecciosas levaram inclusive à mudança de sede de competições....

Tokyo olympics: sees 5 major events esportivos afetados in other epidemics

This is not the first time that a health crisis marked the preparations of a major event esportivo. Some events esportivos occurred even during other epidemics and outbreaks of infectious diseases led including the change of registered office of competitions.

GSK Vaccines: a Siena nuovo edificio per Controllo qualità vaccini External link

Source country dailyhealthindustry Sunday, August 1, 2021 9:04:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Meningitis] meningiti[1]; meningococco[1]; meningite[1];

Entities: Paolo Tedeschi[1]; Enrico Rossi[1]; Rino Rappuoli[1]; Luis Arosemena[1]; Andrea Paolini[1];

Other categories: Herpes; Herpes Zoster;

Un edificio di quattro piani, con oltre 8.700 metri quadrati di laboratori con 500 postazioni di lavoro, per un investimento di 42 milioni di euro. Sono questi i numeri del nuovo edificio per il Controllo Qualità del sito GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines di Rosia (Siena)....

Cfb Vaccines: to Siena new building for quality control vaccines

A building of four planes, with more than 8,700 square metres of laboratories with 500 workstations, for an investment of eur 42 million. These are the numbers of the new building for the quality control of the site GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines Rosia (Siena).

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"Zaopiekuj się Tupim". Porzucony gryzoń ma już dom External link

Source country trojmiasto Thursday, July 29, 2021 4:19:00 PM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Mumps] świnka[1];

Other categories:

Choć miejski monitoring zarejestrował zdarzenie, to nadal za mało, żeby zidentyfikować osobę, która pozostawiła zwierzę wraz z wyposażeniem na miejskiej ławce. O godzinie 6:59 około 40-letni mężczyzna w żółtej kamizelce podszedł do ławki , zostawił na ławce klatkę z gryzoniem i odszedł....

'Zaopiekuj be Tupim'. Abandoned gryzoń is no longer a house

Although urban monitoring report zdarzenie, this is still not enough for the person who has left an animal with their equipment on urban ławce. At 6:59 approximately 40 - year - old man in yellow kamizelce approached ławki, has left for progressing with ławce gryzoniem and left.

Podziel się Brak Siedział na ławce, zostawiony na pastwę losu. Tupi szybko znalazł nowy dom. Ale byłego właściciela szuka straż miejska External link

Source country radiogdansk Thursday, July 29, 2021 11:25:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Mumps] świnki[1]; Świnka[1]; świnką[2]; ŚWINKĘ[1]; Świnkę[1];

Other categories:

Cierpliwie czekała, aż wróci po nią właściciel. Albo weźmie ją ktokolwiek, by nie musiała dłużej siedzieć na słońcu. Świnkę morską na ławce przy pomniku na gdyńskim skwerze Kościuszki zauważyła spacerująca kobieta, która powiadomiła straż miejską. Zwierzątko zostało pozostawione w klatce z przypiętą karteczką z napisem: "Zaopiekuj się Tupim"....

Podziel lack of sitting in the ławce, zostawiony at the mercy of the fate of. Tupi quickly has found a new home. But former owner is looking for guard

Patiently waited until returns after its owner. Or will it anybody that will no longer sit in the Sun. Mumps ławce przy monument at sea on skwerze Kościuszki noted gdyńskim spacerująca woman, who advised the urban guard. Has been kept in a cage with Zwierzątko karteczką reason: Zaopiekuj się Tupim ".

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Al snel ontvang ik de bevestiging van mijn vaccinatie, met instructies. ’Het is handig om de Groeigids en een luier mee te nemen, en een badjas of doe External link

Source country noordhollandsdagblad Saturday, July 31, 2021 8:58:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Pertussis] kinkhoest[2]; kinkhoestvaccinatie[1];

Other categories:

Tijdens mijn eerste zwangerschap heb ik mij laten inenten tegen kinkhoest, zodat de baby direct na zijn geboorte al beschermd zou zijn tegen deze besmettelijke ziekte die erg gevaarlijk kan zijn voor jonge kinderen. Zij kunnen longontsteking of hersenschade krijgen en er zelfs aan overlijden....

Soon I receive confirmation of my vaccination, with instructions.’ It is recommended to a luier Groeigids and to take them, and a badjas or cloth to k

During my first pregnancy, I have to be vaccinated against whooping cough, so the baby after his birth would already protected against this infectious disease, which can be very dangerous for young children. They may get pneumonia or brain damage and even to death.

Mersin Emek ve Demokrasi Platformu: Bulaşıcı hastalıklarla aşı ile mücadele edilir External link

Source country evrensel Friday, July 30, 2021 2:56:00 PM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Pertussis] Boğmaca[1]; aşıya[1]; Aşıya[1]; vakaların[1]; aşılanmaları[1]; aşıları[1]; aşılarla[1]; hastalıklarla[2]; ölümlerin[1]; aşı[10]; aşılama[1]; aşılanmaya[1]; vaka[1]; Aşılamanın[1]; aşının[2];

Entities: Mehmet Antmen[1];

Other categories: Immunization; Measles;

Günlük vakaların 20 bini, günlük ölümlerin ise 70’i aştığı bir dönemle yeniden karşı karşıya gelinmesiyle aşının önemi giderek artıyor. Mersin’de haftalık vaka yoğunluğunun yüzde yüz artarak 100 binde 109 olarak açıklanması ile birlikte Mersin Emek ve Demokrasi Platformu, Mersin ve Türkiye halkına.......

The Platform of Labor and Democracy of Mersin: Dealing with infectious diseases

Vaccination is growing as daily cases re-face more than 20 and daily deaths exceed 70. The Mersin Emek and Democracy Platform, with the 100 weekly density of cases increased by one hundred percent and 109 percent in Mersin, to the people of Mersin and Turkey....

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07:44 В мобильном пункте в казанском Кадышево провакцинировали от бешенства кошек и собак External link

Source country realnoevremya Sunday, August 1, 2021 7:03:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Rabies] собак[2]; собакам[1]; полную[1]; собаки[1]; бешенства[2]; вакцинации[2];

Other categories: vaccines;

В субботу, 31 июля, в поселке Кадышево Авиастроительного района Казани работал бесплатный мобильный пункт вакцинации и стерилизации домашних животных. Специалисты по желанию его жителей предлагали чипировать или повесить на ухо питомцев бирку. От бешенства в мобильном пункте накануне привили четыре собаки и три кошки....

07:44 in mobile paragraph in the kazan Krasnyy Gulyay провакцинировали from cats and dogs rabies-related

On Saturday, July 31, in the area of aircraft Krasnyy Gulyay bahchali belarusis worked free mobilesop item vaccination and sterilization of pets. Specialists kdebindings its residents offered чипировать or agentrunning ear tag pets. Rabies in mobile paragraph before been vaccinated four dogs and three cats.

Mahoning dog wardens to get body cameras External link

Source country vindy Sunday, August 1, 2021 6:53:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Rabies] dogs[7]; rabies[1]; dog[27]; Dog[10]; bites[1];

Entities: Deborah Conway[1]; Cathy Jones[1]; Dave Nelson[2];

Other categories: vaccines;

Deputy Dog Warden Greg Dochess of Austintown says hello to dog Nelson in the kennel at the Mahoning Dog Warden's building on North Meridian Road. Nelson, who is adoptable, is named after Deputy Dog Warden Dave Nelson, who was stabbed in the arm while responding to a call about involving the lab-mix on July 20....

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Sistema inmunitario y mente External link

Source country acento Sunday, August 1, 2021 6:27:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Tetanus] caso[1]; Clostridium tetani[1]; casos[2]; casi[1];

Other categories: AIDS-HIV; Blood Products; Pathogen-of-war; Blood Products Adverse Effects; Artificial Tissues Adverse Effects;

El sistema inmunitario es muy complejo, tiene varios niveles de protección. En primer lugar, podemos hablar de la piel y las mucosas, que son las barreras naturales que nos sirven contra las agresiones externas, como los agentes patógenos (virus, bacterias, hongos y protozoos)....

Immune system and mind

The immune system is very complex, has several levels of protection. In the first place, we can speak of the skin and mucous membranes, which are the natural barriers that we serve against external aggression, as the pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa).

Planned pregnancy, healthy lifestyles reduce birth defect risks External link

Source country sundayobserver Saturday, July 31, 2021 9:42:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Tetanus] Prevention[1]; tetanus[2]; vaccine[1]; Neonatal[1]; infection[1]; neonatal[1]; infections[4]; prevention[1]; vaccination[1];

Other categories: Rubella; vaccines; Toxoplasma; Coronavirus Infection; WHO; Cytomegalovirus; Vaccination Adverse Effects;

Birth defects in new born babies continue to be a worrying concern to health authorities with recent studies showing that the large percentage of these defects were preventable with planned pregnancies, avoidance of harmful drugs, healthy nutritious diets and controlling weight gain on the part of the pregnant mother....

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