Anthrax in Animals

Asta ne mai lipsea: o boală identificată și în Biblie a omotât doi oameni în Africa External link

Source country stiripesurse Thursday, February 25, 2021 7:15:00 PM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [AnthraxinAnimals] Bacillus anthracis[1]; animale[4]; animalele[1]; antrax[6];

Entities: Roberto Koch[1]; Modeste Yerbanga[1];

Other categories: Anthrax; Weapons - Germs; Pathogen-of-war;

Două persoane au murit în urma contaminării cu antrax, iar o alta a fost internată în sud-vestul statului Burkina Faso, au anunţat joi autorităţile guvernamentale, informează AFP, relatează Agerpres. "Un focar de antrax bacterian a fost declarat în provincia Bougouriba, mai precis în Dano, în.......

That we may was lacking: a disease identified and in the bible of omotât two people in africa

Two persons have died as a result of contamination with anthrax, and another was interned in southwestern alabamawho Burkina Faso, announced on Thursday the government authorities, according to AFP, according to Agerpres. “An outbreak of anthrax bacterial Bougouriba was declared in the province, namely in Dano in....

سیاه زخم در بورکینافاسو دو قربانی گرفت External link

Source country parseek Thursday, February 25, 2021 4:03:00 PM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [AnthraxinAnimals] سیاه زخم[7]; گاو[3]; حیوان[1];

Other categories: Epidemic; Anthrax;

به نقل از خبرگزاری فرانسه از واگادوگو، مودست یاربانگا وزیر منابع حیوانی بورکینافاسو اعلام کرد:" یک کانون شیوع سیاه زخم در شهر دانو واقع در استان بوگوریبا کشف شده است. اخیرا چهار گاو در این منطقه تلف شدند و ساکنان منطقه گوشت یکی از این گاو‌ها را مصرف کردند و بلافاصله دو تن از ساکنان منطقه جان باختند....

Black wound two in Burkina took victim

Classrooms of france, wire واگادوگو، مودست یاربانگا Burkina حیوانی resources minister declared: "A black prevalence in the city center wounds, dano in province بوگوریبا us,". Recently four cows in the region were waste and of the region one of these گاو‌ها meat consumption immediately and the two deputies from the residents died area.

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Aujeszky's disease

A bíróság az SZFE-törvény alkotmányellenességének megállapítását kérte az Ab-től External link

Source country magyarnarancs Friday, February 26, 2021 3:46:00 PM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Aujeszkysdisease] Aujeszky[2];

Entities: Karsai Daniel[1]; Attila Vidnyanszky[1];

Other categories:

Február 18-án érkezett be az Alkotmánybírósághoz a Fővárosi Törvényszék végzése, amiben a bíróság azt kéri: az Ab állapítsa meg az SZFE-törvény és a felsőoktatási törvény alapítványi fenntartású intézményekre vonatkozó bekezdésének alaptörvény-ellenességét és alkalmazásának kizárását....

The Court asked AB to establish the unconstitutional resistance of the SFE law

On 18 February, the Constitutional Court received the order of the capital Tribunal, in which the Court asked it: AB should establish the basic anti-statutory and non-application of the paragraph of the SFE and the HEA concerning foundations-reserved institutions.

Better immune efficacy triggered by the inactivated gI/gE-deleted pseudorabies virus with the additional insertion of gC gene in mice and weaned pigs External link

Source country sciencedirect-virus-research Thursday, February 25, 2021 7:11:00 PM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [Aujeszkysdisease] pseudorabies virus[2];

Other categories: Immunization;

A new variant of pseudorabies virus (PRV) with high pathogenicity has been prevalent in many swineherds vaccinated with Bartha-K61 in China since 2011. Several gene-deleted vaccine candidates have been developed based on new emerging PRV variants. PRV-AH, a new emerging PRV strain from Anhui Province, was isolated in our laboratory in 2013....

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Live transport: Karim Allah’s cattle about to be killed External link

Source country eurogroupforanimals Saturday, February 27, 2021 1:09:00 PM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [Bluetongue] bluetongue[1];

Other categories:

After leaving Spain in December and spending two months at sea being rejected by several ports, due to bluetongue disease suspects, the Karim Allah vessels finally docked on Thursday 26 February in Cartagena (Spain). The Spanish government veterinary report, seen by Reuters , assessed the animals’.......

Europa 850 koeien op een zwalpend schip bij Spaanse haven: dierenartsen vragen dringende oplossing 30 min External link

Source country deredactie Saturday, February 27, 2021 11:18:00 AM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Bluetongue] blauwtong[3];

Other categories:

Spaanse dierenartsen willen dringend een oplossing voor een vrachtschip met meer dan 850 koeien aan boord. Het schip komt uit Libanon en ligt aan de ketting in de Spaanse haven Cartagena. Verschillende landen stuurden het schip weg, omdat er blauwtong zou zijn uitgebroken....

Europe zwalpend 850‑900 cows on a ship in the spanish port: vets ask urgent solution 30 min

Spanish veterinarians want an urgent solution for a cargo vessel with more than 850 cows on board. The ship is from Lebanon and is located on the ketting in the spanish port of Cartagena. Different countries sent the ship road, because there would be blue tongue broke out.

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Imported cystic echinococcosis in Spain: a systematic review External link

Source country oxforduniversitypress-trstmh Thursday, February 25, 2021 9:22:00 PM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [Echinococcosishydatidosis] cystic echinococcosis[1]; echinococcosis[1];

Other categories: Echinococcus;

The main limitation of this study is the publication bias. Migrants with CE are not considered to have a rare disease and cases may not be reported or published accordingly. Moreover, the lack of epidemiological information in the analysed manuscripts is a limitation that has limited statistical analysis and extrapolation of the data extracted....

Historia de la Zoonosis. External link

Source country veterinariargentina Sunday, February 21, 2021 4:13:00 AM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

CR Vet (R) Roberto Rufino Caro. Fuente Ciberboletin Nº 12 de ASAHIVE. El hombre y los animales. En este siguiente pasaje tomado del Génesis, el primer libro de la Biblia, (donde se relata la creación del mundo y todo lo que en él existe) vemos que, desde el principio, el hombre ha compartido la.......

History of the Zoonosis.

Cr Vet (R) Roberto Rufino expensive. Source Ciberboletin no 12 ASAHIVE. The man and animals. In the following passage taken of genesis, the first book of the bible, (where elaborated the creation of the world and everything that there is) we see that, from the outset, the man has shared the....

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Foot and mouth disease

LOOK: The people and events of the 2001 foot-and-mouth crisis External link

Source country dailypost-co-uk Saturday, February 27, 2021 1:27:00 PM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [Footandmouthdisease] foot-and-mouth disease[2];

Entities: Richard Williams[1]; Jake Edwards[1]; Gareth Jones[1]; Stacey Roberts[4]; Terry Evans[1];

Other categories:

Rev Sally Brush with three Easter crosses erected in Cerrigydrudion churchyard. Usually they are placed on a nearby hillside but this wasn't possible during the 2001 crisis because of controls put in place to curb the spread of foot-and-mouth disease (Image: Steve Peake / North Wales Live) 1 of 20; .......

Vaccines, Vol. 9, Pages 199: Enterovirus A71 Vaccines External link

Source country mdpi Saturday, February 27, 2021 12:09:00 PM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [Footandmouthdisease] foot, and mouth disease[1];

Other categories:

Enterovirus A71 (EV-A71) is a major causative agent of hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) and herpangina. Moreover, EV-A71 infection can lead to neurological complications and death. Vaccination is the most efficient way to control virus infection. There are currently three inactivated, whole.......

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#VideoVet: Keeping vector-borne diseases at bay External link

Source country agriorbit Thursday, February 18, 2021 3:47:00 PM CET | info [other]

This article is part of a series of informative animal health articles. The series goes hand in hand with the #VideoVet video series – watch the video below. Infectious diseases in livestock pose a major threat to animal health and welfare, and their effective control is crucial for safeguarding and.......

Inyathi farmer in thriving Boer goat breeding project External link

Source country chronicle Monday, January 18, 2021 1:20:00 PM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [Heartwater] heartwater[1];

Other categories:

Mashudu Netsianda/Bridget Sibanda, Chronicle Reporters WHEN Mr Xolisani Mpofu imported a couple of Boer bucks from North West province in South Africa a few years ago, little did he know that three years later he would be rated among some of the country’s leading goat breeders....

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أهالي الفياض بالبريمي يطالبون برصف طريق قريتهم External link

Source country omandaily Friday, February 26, 2021 6:46:00 PM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Leptospirosis] البريمي[4]; بالبريمي[1];

Entities: بن سالم[2]; سالم الشامسي[2];

Other categories:

البريمي – حميد بن حمد المنذري – يطالب أهالي منطقة الفياض التابعة لولاية البريمي برصف الطريق الذي تقدر مسافته بـ 100متر تقريبا والذي جرفته الأودية على مدى 3 سنوات، بالرغم من مناشدات أهالي الفياض للجهات المختصة، إلا أنهم لم يجدوا حلا لإصلاح الطريق حيث إن كل جهة تخلي مسؤوليتها من إصلاح الطريق المذكور،.......

Al-Fayyad residents in Al-Burimi demand paving the way of their village

Al-Bureimi - Hamid Bin Hamad Al-Manzari - demands the people of Al-Fayyad region in Al-Bureimi province to pave the road estimated at about 100 meters, which the valleys swept over three years, despite the calls of Al-Fayyad people to the concerned authorities. However, they did not find a solution to the road reform, as each party has taken responsibility for the repair of the road

كتاب وأدباء البريمي يحتفون بيوم المعلم العماني External link

Source country omandaily Friday, February 26, 2021 6:46:00 PM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Leptospirosis] البريمي[5]; بالبريمي[1];

Entities: عبد الصمد[1];

Other categories:

احتفى كتاب وأدباء محافظة البريمي بيوم المعلم الذي أقامته جمعية الكتاب والأدباء فرع محافظة البريمي، ورعى فعالية الاحتفال الدكتورة فتحية بنت خلفان السدية المديرة العامة للمديرية العامة للتربية والتعليم بمحافظة البريمي. وأقيمت الجلسة الشعرية الافتراضية عبر الاتصال المرئي (زووم) بعنوان: شكرًا معلمي،.......

Al-Bureimi's writers and writers celebrate the Omani teacher's day

The book and writers of Al-Bureimi governorate celebrated the teacher's day that was established by the Book and Literature Association in Al-Bureimi governorate's branch, and the event was attended by Dr. Fathia Bint Khalfan Al-Sudeya, general manager of Education Department in Al-Bureimi governorate. The virtual poetic session was held via a video connection (zoom) titled: Thank you my teacher,....

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Lumpy skin disease


Source country vietnamnet-vn-en Friday, February 26, 2021 7:50:00 AM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [Lumpyskindisease] Lumpy Skin[1]; disease[1]; Disease[1]; diseases[3]; disease-free[4]; virus[2];

Entities: Nguyen Duc Thuan[1]; Tien Truong[1]; Team Leader[1]; Van Dong[1]; Nguyen Ngoc Dong[1]; Thi Phuong Lan[1]; Anh Minh[1]; Bui Ta Hoang Vu[1]; Nguyen Xuan Duong[1]; Nguyen Van Loc[1]; Thi Thang[1]; Van Chinh[1];

Other categories: Coronavirus Infection; Swine Fever; OIE; Artificial Tissues Adverse Effects;

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Tien Truong said: “The competitive advantage of traditional and large enterprises is in danger of being erased after a period of suspension due to the interrupted chain in the pandemic, competitors will start at the same line at a new starting point”

The total amount of investment for developing the power system in Vietnam in the next decade is an estimated US$128.3 billion, with US$95.4 billion needed for investing in electricity generation and the remaining for the power grid, as unveiled in a draft zoning plan for developing the national.......

18:29 "ประภัตร"เข้มสั่งปศุสัตว์เฝ้าระวังโรคระบาดโค-กระบือ External link

Source country dailynews-th Thursday, February 25, 2021 12:58:00 PM CET | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Lumpyskindisease] Lumpy skin[2]; disease[2];

Other categories:

เมื่อวันที่ 25 ก.พ.นายประภัตร โพธสุธน รมช.เกษตรและสหกรณ์ กล่าวภายหลังเป็นประธานการประชุมหารือมาตรการควบคุมป้องกันโรคระบาด และผ่อนปรนการนำเข้าโคเนื้อ ร่วมกับผู้ประกอบการเจ้าของคอกกัก ผู้เลี้ยงโค เจ้าหน้าที่และหน่วยงานที่เกี่ยวข้อง ณ มหาวิทยาลัยเทคโนโลยีราชมงคลล้านนาตาก อ.เมืองตาก จ....

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Normas de calificación de explotaciones de la especie caprina External link

Source country iustel Friday, February 19, 2021 10:35:00 AM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Paratuberculosis] paratuberculosis[7]; PARATUBERCULOSIS[1];

Other categories: Tuberculosis; Epidemic;

Resolución de 10 de febrero de 2021, de la Dirección General de la Producción Agrícola y Ganadera, mediante la que se modifican los anexos de la Orden de 22 de junio de 2018, por la que se desarrollan las normas de calificación de explotaciones de la especie caprina frente a tuberculosis en.......

Rules risk-rating caprine holdings

Resolution of 10 February 2021, the directorate-general for the agricultural and livestock production, by amending the annexes of the order of 22 June 2018, to develop the rules for classification of holdings of the caprine species against tuberculosis in....

Årets engelske mælkeproducent: Mine foderomkostninger er 54 øre pr. kg mælk External link

Source country landbrugsavisen Thursday, February 18, 2021 9:50:00 AM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Paratuberculosis] paratuberculose[1];

Entities: Robert Mallett[1];

Other categories:

Robert Mallett fra Swindon i England blev årets mælkeproducent for 2020, kåret af Familieforetagendet på Northleaze gård har Robert sammen med hans kone Maria og søn David. De malker deres 230 Holstein køer tre gange om dagen. Gennemsnitligsydelsen er 11.407 liter per år og der sælges 2,6 millioner liter mælk om året....

The end of the english milk producer: my feed cost is 54 ear per kg milk

Robert Mallett from Swindon in England was the end of the milk producer for 2020, kåret of family enterprise on Northleaze farm has Robert together with his wife Maria and son David. The milk their 230 Holstein cows three times a day. Gennemsnitligsydelsen is 11.407 litres per year and sold 2,6 million litres of milk a year.

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Q Fever

Value of C-reactive protein in differentiating viral from bacterial aetiologies in patients with non-malaria acute undifferentiated fever in tropical External link

Source country oxforduniversitypress-trstmh Saturday, February 27, 2021 6:05:00 AM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [QFever] Coxiella burnetii[1];

Other categories: Rickettsiosis;

Abstract C-reactive protein (CRP) is used to discriminate common bacterial and viral infections, but its utility in tropical settings remains unknown. We performed a meta-analysis of studies performed in Asia and Africa. First, mean CRP levels for specific tropical infections were calculated....

True cattle breeders at heart warn about Q Fever risks External link

Source country beefcentral Friday, February 26, 2021 6:32:00 AM CET | info [other]

It is also because they both now have heart valves made from bovine tissue – a direct consequence of their 25 year battles with Q Fever. Q fever is an infectious disease that can be spread to humans by sheep, goats and cattle, and is caused by inhaling dust particles contaminated by infected animals....

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Mexicanos bajaron calidad de alimento para mascotas ante crisis por covid-19 External link

Source country milenio Saturday, February 27, 2021 11:56:00 AM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Rabies] vacuna[1]; perro[1]; caso[1]; casos[2]; perros[7]; aumento[1]; rabia[4];

Other categories: Coronavirus Infection;

El primer mes del año pasado el canal reportó un crecimiento de casi 10 por ciento; durante las primeras siete semanas del año se vio un aumento de 6 por ciento en su valor. “Vemos un crecimiento importante en los primeros dos meses del año pero veremos caídas importantes en marzo y abril, y después se equilibra”, finalizó el directivo....

Mexicans fell quality of food for pets before crisis by covid - 19

The first month of last year, the channel once a growth of almost 10 per cent; for the first seven weeks of the year was an increase of 6 per cent in value. “We see a significant growth in the first two months of the year, but we will see significant drops in March and April, and then equilibrated”, ended the manager.

Coyote hunts in Pennsylvania debated External link

Source country sfgate Saturday, February 27, 2021 9:38:00 AM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [Rabies] sentiment[1]; bite[1]; dogs[4]; dent[1]; rabies[1]; foxes[1]; dog[2]; Fox[3];

Entities: Gary Adams[1]; Dan Morrison[1];

Other categories:

Some men crouched beside it, while other adults twirled spaghetti with a fork, looking on from aluminum chairs. Children held canned sodas and stared. “Thirty-eight pounds even,” the men said when the needle on the scale settled. On this sunny February afternoon last year, 38 pounds wouldn’t take.......

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Rift Valley Fever

Development of Rift valley fever encephalitis in rats is mediated by early infection of olfactory epithelium and neuroinvasion across the cribriform p External link

Source country microbiologyresearch-jgv Saturday, February 27, 2021 7:09:00 AM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [RiftValleyFever] Infection[1]; Rift valley fever[1]; infection[6]; disease[4]; Disease[1]; Rift Valley fever[1]; virus[1];

Other categories: Coccidioidomycosis; Blood Products; Encephalitis; Blood Products Adverse Effects;

The zoonotic emerging Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) causes sporadic disease in livestock and humans throughout Africa and the Saudi Arabian peninsula. Infection of people with RVFV can occur through mosquito bite or mucosal exposure during butchering or milking of infected livestock....

“China puede ser un nido de enfermedades infecciosas” Los ambientalistas japoneses se preocupan por la epidemia mundial | Internacional | Sanli News N External link

Source country notiulti Saturday, February 27, 2021 4:50:00 AM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [RiftValleyFever] Fiebre del Valle del Rift[1]; epidemia[4]; virus[2];

Other categories: Medicinal Products; Coronavirus Infection; Smallpox; MERS; Epidemic; AIDS-HIV; Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever;

La naturaleza es el laboratorio más aterrador. Con el desarrollo del medio ambiente, el movimiento a gran escala de seres humanos y la superposición cercana de los espacios de vida, los patógenos que originalmente vivían en paz con los animales salvajes han evolucionado, mutado y saltado a los humanos para causar una plaga terrible....

“China can be a nest of infectious diseases” environmentalists japanese are worried about the global epidemic 'international' Sanli News Network SETN.

Nature is the most terrifying laboratory. With the development of the environment, the large-scale movement of human beings and the overlap of the nearby areas of life, pathogens that originally lived in peace with wild animals have evolved, mutated and jumped to humans to cause a terrible blight.

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منظمة الأغذية والزراعة والوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية توطّدان أواصر تعاونهما وتوسعان نطاقه External link

Source country fao-ar Thursday, February 25, 2021 1:31:00 PM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

24 فبراير/شباط 2021، روما - وقّع المدير العام لمنظمة الأغذية والزراعة، السيد شو دنيو، والمدير العام للوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية، السيد Rafael Mariano Grossi، على ترتيب تعاوني محدّث يرمي إلى مواصلة تعزيز أنشطتهما المشتركة وتطويرها. وستصبح الشعبة المشتركة بين المنظمة والوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية.......

FAO and IAEA are strengthening their cooperation and expanding its scope

24 February 2021, Rome. The Director-General of FAO, Mr. Cho Denio, and the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mr. Rafael Mariano Grossi, signed an updated cooperative arrangement aimed at further strengthening and developing their joint activities. The Joint FAO/IAEA Division will become....

La FAO et l’AIEA approfondissent et développent leur collaboration External link

Source country fao-fr Thursday, February 25, 2021 1:31:00 PM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

24 février 2021, Rome - Les Directeurs généraux de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture (FAO) et de l 'Agence internationale de l'énergie atomique (AIEA) , M. Qu Dongyu et M. Rafael Mariano Grossi, ont signé un accord de collaboration actualisé pour renforcer et.......

Fao and iaea deepen and develop their collaboration

24 February 2021, Rome - the director general of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (iaea), Mr Qu Dongyu and Mr Rafael Mariano Grossi, have signed an agreement of cooperation to strengthen actualisé and....

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Continue Reading Foodborne outbreak illnesses, deaths increase in Europe External link

Source country foodsafetynews Saturday, February 27, 2021 6:11:00 AM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [Trichinella] Romania[2]; Trichinella[1];

Other categories: Salmonellosis; Giardiasis; Enterotoxin; EFSA; Shigellosis; Norovirus; Escherichia coli Infection; Hepatitis A; Food; ECDC;

The number of people getting sick and dying in foodborne outbreaks in Europe went up in 2019, based on figures from the annual report on zoonoses. Salmonella was behind the majority of outbreaks followed by norovirus, according to data published by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and (ECDC)....

Vasario 28-ąją minima Tarptautinė retų ligų diena External link

Source country ulac Friday, February 26, 2021 9:16:00 AM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Trichinella] parazitinės[1]; Vakarų[1]; trichineliozė[1];

Other categories: Leptospirosis; Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever; Brucellosis; Toxoplasma; Botulism; Yellow Fever; Lithuania Official Sources; All Official Sources;

„Pacientai ir tyrėjai – gyvenimo partneriai“ („ Patients & Researchers – Partners for Life ) – toks 14-tą kartą minimos retų ligų dienos šūkis, kurios tikslas – atkreipti dėmesį į glaudų mokslininkų ir pacientų, jų šeimos narių, globėjų bei sveikatos politikos formuotojų bendradarbiavimą, plėtojant retų ligų tyrimus ir gydymą....

February 28 - international day, celebrated on rare diseases.

„pacientai investigators – and Life Partners” (“Researchers – Patients & Partners for Life) is mentioned several times during the 14 - day slogan of rare diseases, which aims to highlight the close researcherspeople Patients and their family members, as well as health care policy cooperation, development of research on rare diseases and treatment.

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Vesicular stomatitis

Oncolytics Bio's cancer-killing virus arms CAR-T cells to attack solid tumors in mice External link

Source country fiercebiotech Friday, February 26, 2021 3:36:00 PM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [Vesicularstomatitis] vesicular stomatitis[1]; vesicular stomatitis virus[1];

Other categories:

Oncolytic viruses have been widely studied for their ability to infect and kill cancer cells. Such viruses are also known to trigger inflammatory responses that remodel the tumor microenvironment, making it more amenable for immune cells to launch an attack on tumors....

Viruses, Vol. 13, Pages 373: Functional Dissection of the Dominant Role of CD55 in Protecting Vesicular Stomatitis Virus against Complement-Mediated N External link

Source country mdpi Friday, February 26, 2021 3:18:00 PM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [Vesicularstomatitis] Vesicular stomatitis virus[1]; Vesicular Stomatitis[1]; Vesicular stomatitis[1]; Vesicular Stomatitis Virus[1];

Other categories:

The human complement system is an important part of the innate immune system. Its effector pathways largely mediate virus neutralization. Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) activates the classical pathway of the complement, leading to virus neutralization by lysis....

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