Royaume-Uni, Allemagne, Belgique... Chez nos voisins, les contaminations au Covid-19 repartent à la hausse External link

Source country TF1 Monday, October 25, 2021 1:10:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Top terms

  • pays
  • hausse
  • royaume-uni
  • semaine
  • vague

UK, germany, belgium... Among neighbours, contamination in Covid - 19 shooting up

The signs of a fifth wave of Covid - 19 in Europe? If France "there is an upward trend" but that it is a "small poussée, not a wave epidemic" According to the health minister Olivier Veran, the health situation has worsened in our european neighbours.

REPORTAGE. L'arsenic de Salsigne : les jardins de Conques-sur-Orbiel entre science et défiance External link

Source country ladepeche Monday, October 25, 2021 6:55:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [INVS] Institut de Veille Sanitaire[1];

Other categories: Arsenic;

Top terms

  • ans
  • reportage
  • rieu sec dépotait
  • conques-sur-orbiel entre science
  • l'arsenic de salsigne

Documentary. Arsenic of Salsigne: gardens of Conques-sur-Orbiel science-policy mistrust

The Rieu Sec dépotait 200 m 3/s, the Grésillou 100 m 3/s. And with the silt dévalèrent therefore tonnes of arsenic there, water is mounted to two metres, just under the fork of trees, specify its cane Michel, 77 years, walking down the street among conquois kitchen gardens.

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Argentine hemorrhagic fever

Kicillof lanzó la "Semana de la vacunación bonaerense" External link

Source country diariohoy Monday, October 25, 2021 7:13:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Argentinehemorrhagicfever] vacunación[6]; Vacunación[2]; vacunarnos[1]; hospitales[1]; fiebre hemorrágica argentina[1]; vacunas[2]; Vacunarse[1];

Entities: Leticia Ceriani[1]; Axel Kicillof[1];

Other categories: Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever;

Top terms

  • calendario nacional
  • axel kicillof lanzó
  • administración de axel
  • vacunación bonaerense
  • lanzó la semana

Kicillof launched 'week of vaccination bonaerense "

The administration of Axel Kicillof launched today the "week of vaccination bonaerense", a campaign that seeks to recover the rates of vaccination coverage of timetable, delayed in the framework of the pandemic. With the hashtag # AhoraEsElMomento, the official campaign calls to find out about the....

Conti: "Con la reapertura de la planta de producción el Instituto Maiztegui recupera una senda histórica" External link

Source country laopinion-pergamino Sunday, October 17, 2021 12:28:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Argentinehemorrhagicfever] vacuna[9]; vacunas[3]; Fiebre Hemorrágica Argentina[1];

Entities: María de los Angeles[2]; Carla Vizzotti[1]; Alberto Fernandez[1]; Julio Maiztegui[2];

Other categories: Endemic; Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever;

Top terms

  • instituto maiztegui
  • proceso
  • planta de producción
  • nación alberto fernández
  • reapertura

Conti: 'with the reopening of the production plant the institute Maiztegui recovers a historic path "

A few days ago, the act on which the president of the nation Alberto Fernandez out of his pocket a vaccine road to relate that recovered the production process of the biológico national manufacturing, presumption that obtaining the approval of the Anmat of first....

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H5N1 H7N9 H7N7 H6N1 H10N8 H5N6 H5N8

Grippe aviaire: les Pays-Bas confinent à l'intérieur toute leur volaille External link

Source country rtbf Tuesday, October 26, 2021 7:35:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Avianflu] grippe aviaire[3]; H7N7[1]; augmentation[1]; Grippe aviaire[1];

Other categories: Influenza;

Top terms

  • grippe aviaire
  • confinent à l'intérieur
  • autorités sanitaires néerlandaises
  • l'intérieur leurs animaux
  • pays-bas confinent

Flu: the netherlands are consigning inside their entire poultry

The dutch health authorities have ordered Tuesday to all poultry farmers to confine inside their animals, in order to stop a highly contagious bird flu epidemic. The decision comes after the discovery of the H5 strain of avian flu in a farm.

H5N1 virus detected in the Harburg district External link

Source country archyde Tuesday, October 26, 2021 7:13:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Avianflu] H5N1[2]; avian influenza[3]; outbreak[2]; increase[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • harburg district
  • avian influenza virus
  • highly contagious avian
  • lower elbe lowlands
  • h5n1 virus detected

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Multicellular spatial model of RNA virus replication and interferon responses reveals factors controlling plaque growth dynamics External link

Source country plos-ploscompbiol Monday, October 25, 2021 7:47:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [H2N2] H2N2[1];

Other categories: Antiviral; Influenza A(H1N1)n; Coronavirus Infection; Influenza;

Top terms

  • plaque growth
  • reveals factors controlling
  • model of rna
  • viral
  • spanish flu

Emlékezzünk az influenza pandémiákra - Influenza kérdezz-felelek External link

Source country hirkereso Monday, October 25, 2021 8:35:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [H2N2] H2N2-es[1];

Entities: Ócsai Lajos[2];

Other categories: Coronavirus Infection; Influenza;

Top terms

  • találkoztak influenza vírussal
  • szervezete valamilyen antitestet
  • antitestet termelt ellene
  • emlékezzünk az influenza
  • ócsai lajos járványügyi

Let us remember the flu pandemic - influenza ask - I am responsible

Who had seen influenza virus in previous years did their body produce some antibodies against it? The question will be answered by Dr Ochai Lajos, an epidemiological specialist. At the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, several people were at the fault of comparing COVID with seasonal influenza, although very....

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H3N2 novel strain

Questa infezione colpisce le persone anziane in modo massivo rispetto a quelle precedenti External link

Source country msn-nl Tuesday, October 26, 2021 5:55:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [H3N2novel] H3N2[7];

Entities: Pasi Penttinen[1];

Other categories: ECDC European Center for Disease Prevention and Control; Influenza; Influenza A(H1N1)n;

Top terms

  • modo massivo rispetto
  • anziane in modo
  • arriva il virus
  • rispetto a quelle
  • grave

This infection affects the elderly so massive compared to the previous ones news. it

Marks A/H3N2 virus, an infection that would hurt the elderly so massive than its predecessors, because this year the seasonal flu could be worse than usual is everything in this simple scientific evidence, even as the overlapping category of Covid (c) provided by news.

Во время пандемии COVID-19 исчез один из самых распространенных штаммов гриппа External link

Source country pravda-ua-ru Tuesday, October 26, 2021 4:55:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [H3N2novel] H3N2[2];

Other categories: Coronavirus Infection; Influenza A(H1N1)n;

Top terms

  • распространенных штаммов гриппа
  • самых распространенных штаммов
  • сказав річард кеннеді
  • пандемии covid-19 исчез
  • під час пандемії

During the pandemic COVID - 19 of the disappearance of one of the most common strains of influenza

Під hour пандемії COVID - 19 зник single-accused із 4 найпоширеніших штамів грипу in/kendo. Науковці Мельбурнського університету відстежували поширення грипу __clrcall березня url-based rock і don’t виявили штам B/Yamagata i'il жодного хворого, повідомляють 'B/Yamagata завжди bwv менш заразним і еволюціонував повільніше for інші.......

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Nu este COVID! O nouă pandemie îngrozește omenirea: Mutația care face virusul mai contagios și prezent la oameni External link

Source country capital-RO Tuesday, October 26, 2021 6:29:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Top terms

  • covid
  • pandemie îngrozește omenirea
  • china
  • nicolae ciucă partidelor
  • o nouă pandemie

Is not COVID! A new pandemic and it frightens humanity: mutation forming the virus more contagious and present in humans

18:10 - armistice Nicolae Ciuca proposed by the political parties in Romania. Request for exiting the crisis DOCUMENT the worst information comes from China. A new pandemic shaking humanity. It comes to avian influenza. Cases are increasing at an alarming rate in humans.

Cresc cazurile de gripă aviară la oameni, în China. Experții spun că virusul este mai contagios External link

Source country publika Tuesday, October 26, 2021 5:31:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [H7N9] H7N9[1];

Entities: Thijs Kuiken[1];

Other categories: Influenza; H5N1 H7N9 H7N7 H6N1 H10N8 H5N6 H5N8;

Top terms

  • cresc cazurile
  • gripă aviară
  • contagios
  • în china
  • raportat organizației mondiale

Increase the avian influenza cases in humans in China. Experts say that the virus is more contagious

China has made this year an increase of people infected with avian influenza, which raises concerns relating to the emergence of a mutation of strain circulating so far and which was that the virus to be more contagious, according to Reuters.

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México registra 4 casos de Fiebre Chikungunya en lo que va del 2021 External link

Source country aztecanoticias Tuesday, October 26, 2021 6:52:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Chikungunya] muerte[1]; Chikungunya[5]; casi[1]; brote[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • fiebre chikungunya
  • salud federal
  • reveló la secretaría
  • registra 4 casos
  • méxico registra 4

Mexico records 4 cases of Chikungunya fever as of 2021

Until this 26 October, Mexico recorded 4 cases of Chikungunya fever, so revealed the secretariat of Federal health. According to the secretariat, so far there is no decesos because of this disease in the country. The pan-american health organization (paho), explains that the Chikungunya is....

Raymond T. P. Lin External link

Source country microbiologyresearch-ijsem Tuesday, October 26, 2021 5:49:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Chikungunya] transmission[1]; epidemiological[1]; Chikungunya[2]; fever[2]; outbreaks[1]; chikungunya[1]; CHIKV[6];

Entities: Indian Ocean[2];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • abscessus subsp
  • rrl mutations
  • raymond
  • indian ocean islands
  • sri lanka

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Coronavirus Infection

Ruszają kontrole koczowisk osób bezdomnych. "Przekonujemy do zmiany stylu życia" External link

Source country epoznan Tuesday, October 26, 2021 7:44:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [CoronavirusInfection] koronawirusa[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • kryzysie bezdomności
  • ruszają kontrole koczowisk
  • zmiany stylu życia
  • koczowisk osób bezdomnych
  • miejskiego ośrodka pomocy

Kick off checks koczowisk people homeless. 'We can see to change style of life'

Traditionally jesienno-zimowym during regular monitoring of location of people in crisis homelessness. All of us - pracownicy MOPR, guardians of the city and police officers know what to do. However, I would like to point out that next year we are acting under specific conditions dictated by a pandemic....

Lack of Covid entry testing for nightclubs is Government ‘negligence’, says DJ External link

Source country breakingnews-ie Tuesday, October 26, 2021 7:43:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [CoronavirusInfection] cases[2]; Covid-19[1]; virus[2];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • sharpe
  • government negligence
  • testing for nightclubs
  • nightclubs is government
  • place

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Carbon monoxide

Seine-Saint-Denis: la colère de locataires intoxiqués au monoxyde de carbone External link

Source country bfmtv Tuesday, October 26, 2021 7:19:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Carbonmonoxide] monoxyde de carbone[2];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • monoxyde de carbone
  • intoxiqués au monoxyde
  • colère de locataires
  • seine-saint-denis
  • membres d'une famille

Seine-saint-denis,: anger tenants poisoned carbon monoxide

On 15 October last, the fire brigade had to intervene to carbon monoxide poisoning. Four members of a family had to be hospitalised a whole day. They have since filed complaint against the lessor that they are not sufficiently maintain the building.

Prokuratura wyjaśnia przyczynę śmierci małżeństwa znalezionego w przyczepie kempingowej External link

Source country onet Tuesday, October 26, 2021 4:55:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Carbonmonoxide] tlenek węgla[1]; tlenkiem węgla[1];

Entities: Ewa Antonowicz[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • śmierci małżeństwa znalezionego
  • wyjaśnia przyczynę śmierci
  • znalezionego w przyczepie
  • górze ewa antonowicz
  • rzeczniczka prokuratury okręgowej

The public prosecutor's office explains cause of death of marriage found in importantly kempingowej

- in section does not reveal injuries on the bodies of victims. The likely cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning, the circumstances will confirm the blood tests, which will secure the toxicology studies, says spokesperson in zielona góra Okręgowej prosecutor Ewa Antonowicz.

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Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever

CCHF in Spain External link

Source country hps Thursday, October 21, 2021 12:44:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Congo-CrimeanHF] CCHF[6]; cases[4]; Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever[1];

Other categories: ECDC European Center for Disease Prevention and Control;

Top terms

  • prevention and control
  • centre for disease
  • crimean-congo haemorrhagic fever
  • cchf in spain
  • 18 june 2021

13 sjukdomar på vaccinskaparens önskelista External link

Source country dn-se Monday, October 18, 2021 10:40:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Congo-CrimeanHF] utbrott[1]; krim-kongo hemorragisk feber[1];

Entities: Andreea Alexandra[1]; Sarah Gilbert[4];

Other categories: Lassa Fever; Rift Valley fever; Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever; Zika Virus; Hanta Fever; Coccidioidomycosis;

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Sarah Gilbert säger: – Det finns en hel del vaccinutveckling som vi måste göra nu när vi kan det,

Top terms

  • vaccinskaparens önskelista
  • plug and play
  • sarah gilbert
  • modernas vacciner bygger
  • farshid jalalvand

13 diseases on vaccinskaparens wish list

Vaccines Modernas/Pfizer Inc and Biontechs based on is a Zenecas while mrna-teknik virusvektorvaccin Astra. Common to all three is to the relatively simple can be modified in order to take up new vaccine candidates to protect against other diseases. This has meant that they have acquired the nickname ‘plug and play,....

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Bengal Corona Update: बंगाल में कोरोना के बढ़ रहे मामलों को लेकर केंद्र सख्त, कहा- संक्रमण के मामलों और... External link

Source country india Tuesday, October 26, 2021 7:23:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [hajj] हज[1];

Entities: Also Read[3]; Rajesh Bhushan[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • bengal corona update
  • संक्रमण के मामलों
  • west bengal govt
  • बंगाल में कोरोना
  • union health secretary

Football. Retrouvez le classement des buteurs jurassiens External link

Source country leprogres Tuesday, October 26, 2021 7:18:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [hajj] Hadj[1];

Entities: Jura Sud[2]; Abel Da Silva[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • coteaux de seille
  • 3 buts
  • 2 buts
  • retrouvez le classement
  • bresse jura

Football. Find the classification of buteurs jura mountain ranges

Regional 1.4 goals: Mannai (Champagnole) 3 goals: Villard (Jura south B) 2 goals: Thueillon, Anthonioz, Di Pascale (Champagnole), Gascuelle (Jura lakes), Millet, Doukouré (Lons) 1 aim: bunch, Barthelet, price, Melet (Champagnole) Simonet, Cognard, Berthod, Bildiren (Jura lakes), Zaouli, Rachoui,....

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Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

Inocuidad y seguridad alimentaria, los pilares de un consumo cuidado. External link

Source country veterinariargentina Monday, October 25, 2021 5:23:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [HUS] Síndrome Urémico Hemolítico[1];

Other categories: Trichinella; Food; Coronavirus Infection; Food-borne; food security;

Top terms

  • alimentos
  • colegio de veterinarios
  • seguridad alimentaria
  • provincia
  • inocuidad alimentaria

Harmlessness and food safety, the pillars of a consumption care.

Much talk but little dimension on the importance of these issues. The context of pandemic by Covid - 19 led to step up some care but still does not take into account the role that have certain actions to eat certain foods.

Performance of four commercial real-time PCR assays for the detection of bacterial enteric pathogens in clinical samples External link

Source country ijidonline Saturday, October 23, 2021 8:21:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [HUS] hemolytic-uremic syndrome[2];

Other categories: in vitro diagnostic devices; Shigellosis; Salmonellosis; Campylobacter Infection; Escherichia coli Infection;

Top terms

  • salmonella senftenberg
  • detection
  • rt-pcr assays
  • public health
  • samples

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Lassa Fever

INOVIO Completes Enrollment of Phase 1B Clinical Trial for its DNA Vaccine Candidate Against Lassa Fever, INO-4500, in West Africa External link

Source country publicnow Tuesday, October 26, 2021 2:31:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [LassaFever] Lassa Fever[2];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • inovio completes enrollment
  • lassa fever
  • dna vaccine candidate
  • enrollment of phase
  • west africa

Lassa Fever: FG begins contact tracing for 105 suspected cases External link

Source country punchng Thursday, October 21, 2021 1:56:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [LassaFever] Lassa Fever[4];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • lassa fever
  • begins contact tracing
  • federal government
  • national response teams
  • nigeria cholera situation

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200 people in the US monitored for exposure to monkey pox External link

Source country bullfrag Tuesday, October 26, 2021 1:18:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Monkeypox] epidemiology[1]; infection[1]; monkeypox[8]; monkeypox virus[1];

Entities: Andrea McCollum[1];

Other categories: Travel Health; Emerging disease; Smallpox; Rash Syndrome; Coronavirus Infection;

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Andrea McCollum said: “We are in the time frame where we certainly want to monitor people closely,”

Top terms

  • monkey pox
  • united states
  • contact
  • exposure to monkey
  • 200 people

Adetifa Officially takes over at NCDC External link

Source country premiumtimesng Tuesday, October 19, 2021 5:39:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Monkeypox] epidemiologist[2]; Epidemic[1]; epidemiology[1]; monkeypox[1]; outbreak[1]; Epidemiology[2];

Entities: Yahya Disu[1]; Osagie Ehanire[1]; Chikwe Ihekweazu[1];

Other categories: Communicable disease; WHO; Coronavirus Infection; Yellow Fever;

Top terms

  • ncdc
  • adetifa officially takes
  • handover ceremony
  • health
  • ifedayo adetifa

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Naegleria Fowleri

Politics/Social External link

Source country archyde Monday, October 25, 2021 4:51:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Naegleria_fowleri] brain-eating amoeba[3]; amoeba[3]; brain-eating[3];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • reporter young-kwang moon
  • united states died
  • korean drama squid
  • netflix squid game
  • drama squid game

Photo shows parasite that ate – and then replaced – fish's tongue External link

Source country usaToday Friday, October 22, 2021 12:24:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Naegleria_fowleri] parasite[11]; amoeba[1]; brain-eating[1];

Entities: Marc Fischer[1];

Other categories:

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Marc Fischer said: "It can be a surprise to peer into a fishes mouth and have another set of eyes looking back at you!"

Top terms

  • photo shows parasite
  • texas state park
  • seemingly unreal photo
  • fish
  • replaced fish's tongue

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Male Plug Cable Wire Set Oscilloscope Test Probe Lead Cable 2PCS External link

Source country albaghdadia Wednesday, October 20, 2021 9:34:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [W135] 135W[2];

Entities: Trina Turk[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • plug
  • wire
  • male
  • test
  • probe

Meningite, come e perché è importante la prevenzione External link

Source country news-yahoo-it Tuesday, October 12, 2021 6:18:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [W135] W-135[1]; meningite meningococcica[1]; Meningite[1]; meningite[9]; meningitidis[1];

Entities: Carlo Bruno[2]; Giovanni Di Perri[2]; Carlo Bruno Giorda[2];

Other categories: Meningitis; Epidemic; Coronavirus Infection; Obesity; WHO; Pneumococcal Infection;

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Carlo Bruno Giorda sottolineato: "molte persone non sanno che il diabete è un amplificatore di rischio per qualsiasi infezione: il paziente è più suscettibile a infezione con decorso diverso rispetto a chi non ha questa patologia e la meningite in tali casi ha più possibilità di decorrere peggio. Il Piano Nazionale di Prevenzione Vaccinale 2017-2019 ne tiene conto e prevede la somministrazione nei casi di diabete di tipo 1 che colpisce bambini e giovani. La Regione Piemonte, sulla base di dati epidemiologici, ha quindi esteso la copertura anche al diabete di tipo 2, che coinvolge età adulta. Resta comunque non facile raggiungere i pazienti in questo periodo – (\*) - perché disorientati dall’emergenza pandemica e dalla quantità di informazioni non sempre attendibili. Per questo è importantissima la collaborazione tra i servizi di malattie croniche e i servizi vaccinali perché nelle malattie croniche il paziente è finalizzato visto periodicamente e quindi è più facile convincerlo a fare tutti i vaccini necessari. Attualmente le percentuali di vaccinati per alcune patologie è ancora bassa, quindi, il lavoro da fare è molto. E anche in questo senso sono da favorire le co-somministrazioni, con alcune accortezze in base al caso"

Top terms

  • meningite
  • casi
  • carlo bruno giorda
  • è importante
  • giovanni di perri

Meningitis, how and why it is important to the prevention

Meningitis, ossia infection which is encroaching on the body, particularly strutture as sensitive as the central nervous system, is a dangerous illness and death which can have both for damage that can cause chronic neurological sebbene and is more likely to be affected by....

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West Nile Disease

Two Horses in Two Oklahoma Counties Confirmed With WNV External link

Source country thehorse Monday, October 25, 2021 10:30:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [WestNileDisease] West Nile Virus[1]; West Nile virus[2]; West Nile[3]; WNV[8];

Entities: Nile Virus[1];

Other categories:

Top terms

  • oklahoma counties confirmed
  • horses
  • west nile virus
  • oklahoma state veterinary
  • mcclain county

Heavy summer monsoon leads to worst year of West Nile Virus in Arizona External link

Source country azcentral Monday, October 25, 2021 8:38:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [WestNileDisease] meningoencephalitis[1]; West Nile Virus[1]; encephalitis[1]; West Nile virus[5]; show[1]; West Nile[7]; increase[1];

Entities: Nile Virus[1]; Tom Herrmann[1];

Other categories: Encephalitis;

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Tom Herrmann said: "We don't know for sure why cases were so low last year. We do know that mosquito surveillance in Maricopa County was minimally impacted by the pandemic, and their data shows a very low number of WNV-positive mosquitoes,"

Top terms

  • west nile virus
  • summer monsoon leads
  • cases
  • leads to worst
  • year of west

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أبوظبي في 26 أكتوبر / وام / عقدت هيئة أبوظبي للزراعة والسلامة الغذائية في إطار التزامها بتعزيز التعاون مع الهيئات الإقليمية والعالمية وتبادل الخبرات ا External link

Source country wam Tuesday, October 26, 2021 4:24:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [YersiniaPestis] طاعون[5];

Other categories: food security; Peste des petits ruminants; Immunization;

Top terms

  • أبوظبي للزراعة والسلامة
  • الأشغال وشؤون البلديات
  • هيئة أبوظبي للزراعة
  • للزراعة والسلامة الغذائية
  • طاعون المجترات الصغيرة

Abu Dhabi on October 26, WAM the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFA), in its commitment to strengthen cooperation with regional an

Abu Dhabi on October 26, WAM the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFA), in its commitment to strengthen cooperation with regional and international bodies and exchange of experience via telemarketing technology with the Ministry of Works and Municipal Affairs of the sister Kingdom of Bahrain. The meeting was designed to familiarize yourself with the experience and projects of the Commission....

Dessa sjukdomar kan döda dig på en enda dag Espresso External link

Source country msn-se Tuesday, October 26, 2021 4:06:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [YersiniaPestis] dödsfall[1]; Böldpest[2]; Yersinia pestis[1];

Other categories: WHO; Cholera Infection; Vomiting; Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever;

Top terms

  • enda dag espresso
  • dessa sjukdomar
  • sjukdomen
  • sjukdomar kan döda
  • asien och sydamerika

These diseases can kill you in a single day espresso

The plague of history is one of the deadliest diseases. In the 14th century killed over 50 million people. In the opposite to what the public believe exists the disease still — the majority of cases occur in africa, asia and south america. The disease is caused by an animal is from loppbett bacillen Yersinia pestis, t.

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L'ASEAN et les Etats-Unis saluent leur partenariat stratégique External link

Source country akp Tuesday, October 26, 2021 7:04:00 PM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Hajj_MERS] (hajj)Haji[1]; (CoronavirusInfection)COVID-19[1];

Entities: Hun Sen[1]; Hassanal Bolkiah[1]; Joe Biden[2]; Kao Kim Hourn[1];

Other categories: Hajj; Communicable disease; Coronavirus Infection; Hajj Diseases; Hajj Diseases;

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  • l'asean
  • akp phnom penh
  • partenariat stratégique
  • saluent leur partenariat
  • kao kim hourn

Asean and the us welcome their strategic partnership

AKP Phnom Penh, 26 October 2021 - - the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the us have highly appreciated the progress and achievements of their strategic partnership. The information was shared by Kao Kim Hourn, minister delegate to the prime minister, after the....

ASEAN, U.S. Laud Their Strategic Partnership External link

Source country akp-en Tuesday, October 26, 2021 6:01:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Hajj_MERS] (hajj)Haji[1]; (CoronavirusInfection)COVID-19[1];

Entities: Hun Sen[1]; Hassanal Bolkiah[1]; Joe Biden[2]; Kao Kim Hourn[1];

Other categories: Hajj; Coronavirus Infection; Hajj Diseases; Hajj Diseases;

Top terms

  • strategic partnership
  • akp phnom penh
  • southeast asian nations
  • association of southeast
  • u.s

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