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In combination with: États-Unis; Russie, Fédération De; Inde; Finlande;

Microsoft uncovers more Russian hacking ahead of midterms External link

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Mots-clés [USA] geo[Virginia]; [radnucTheft] (theft)theft[1]; steal[1]; (Strontium)Strontium[2];

Entités: Robert Mueller[1]; Thomas Rid[1]; Frank Bajak[1]; Daniel Twining[1]; Johns Hopkins[1]; Matthew Lee[1]; Brad Smith[1]; Fancy Bear[1]; Claire McCaskill[1]; Vladimir Putin[1]; Donald Trump[2]; Mitt Romney[1]; Hillary Clinton[1];

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Daniel Twining wrote (about Vladimir Putin) : "It is clearly designed to sow confusion, conflict and fear among those who criticize (Vladimir) Putin's authoritarian regime,"

Microsoft has uncovered new Russian hacking efforts targeting U.S. political groups ahead of the midterm elections. The company said Tuesday that a group tied to the Russian government created fake websites that appeared to spoof two American conservative organizations: the Hudson Institute and the International Republican Institute....

Microsoft revela un ciberataque ruso a conservadores de EE UU External link

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Mots-clés [USA] geo[Estados Unidos]; [radnucTheft] (theft)robar[1]; (Strontium)Strontium[1];

Entités: Fancy Bear[1]; Brad Smith[1];

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Microsoft desactivó seis páginas web falsas que formarían parte de un nuevo ciberataque de desinformación ruso contra grupos conservadores de Estados Unidos con el objetivo interferir en las elecciones de noviembre. El nuevo episodio provino del notorio grupo APT28, vinculado al servicio de.......

Microsoft reveals a conservative russian cyber attack on us

Microsoft have defused six websites false that would form part of a new cyber attack of russian disinformation against conservative groups of the United States with the aim to interfere in the November elections. The new episode stemmed from the notorious group APT28, linked to the service of....

3  Sarin

In combination with: Syrienne, République Arabe; Russie, Fédération De;

ثلاث دول غربية كبرى تحذّر سوريا من استخدام الاسلحة الكيميائية External link

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Mots-clés [Sarin] السارين[1]; بغاز السارين[1]; [Syria] سوريا[5]; geo[إدلب];

Autres catégories: Guerre;

وقالت الدول الثلاث في البيان "اننا نؤكد ايضا على قلقنا من احتمال استخدام آخر وغير قانوني للأسلحة الكيماوية". وأضافت "نبقى مصممين على التحرك في حال استخدم نظام الأسد الأسلحة الكيماوية مرة أخرى". وأصدرت القوى الكبرى الثلاث في مجلس الأمن الدولي هذا البيان بمناسبة مرور خمس سنوات على هجوم بغاز السارين في الغوطة أسفر عن مقتل أكثر من 300 شخص....

Three Western countries major warns Syria against the use of chemical weapons

She said the three countries in the statement "we also emphasize our concern about the possibility of using another legal and non-chemical weapons." She added "We remain determined to move in the event of used the Assad regime chemical weapons again." Powers issued three major in the UN Security....

Syrian Arab Republic: Victims of Syrian Chemical Attacks Await Justice External link

Source country reliefWeb mercredi 22 août 2018 00 h 33 CEST | info [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [Sarin] sarin[1]; chemical weapons[3]; Reports[1]; Chemical Weapons[2]; Sarin[1]; nerve agent[1]; [Syria] Damascus[2]; Syria[7];

Entités: Ake Sellstrom[1]; Louis Charbonneau[1]; Bashar-al Assad[1];

Autres catégories: Organisation pour l'interdiction des armes chimiques; Chemical threats; Gaz innervant; Russia - Diseases;

Five Years Since Sarin Killed Hundreds in Eastern Ghouta. Louis Charbonneau United Nations Director. Five years ago today, videos began appearing in the early morning hours showing large numbers of dead men, women, and children in Eastern Ghouta – victims, Syrian activists alleged, of a chemical weapons attack....


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