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3  Vomissement

In combination with: Suède; Afrique Du Sud;

Polare bjöd på svampgryta - men vet inget... External link

Source country flashback samedi 16 septembre 2017 12 h 51 CEST | info English text... [en] [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [Vomiting] kräkningar[2]; [Sweden] source[SE]

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Behöver inte vara flugsvamp, finns många andra svampar som är obra äta som Orangebrun giftspindling innehåller ett gift (orellanin) som skadar njurarna. Symtom kommer sent, i regel efter 2 - 7 dygn. Symtomen kan vara illamående, kräkningar, huvudvärk, trötthet, frossa, smärtor i ryggen samt törst....

Polare invited on mushrooms cauldron - but know nothing...

Need not be flug mushrooms, there are many other fungi which is obra eat as orange brown giftspindling contains a married (orellanin) to the detriment of the kidneys. Symptoms are too late, usually after 2 - 7 days. The symptoms may be nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue, chills, pain in the back and thirst.

أعراض "صامتة" للنوبة القلبية قد تحول دون نجاتك External link

Source country akhbaar24 vendredi 15 septembre 2017 12 h 43 CEST | info English text... [en] [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [Vomiting] والقيء[1]; [Sweden] والسويد[1];

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قد نعتقد أن آثار الإصابة بنوبة قلبية ستكون خطيرة بدرجة يستحيل معها أن نتجاهلها، لكن ليس ذلك هو الواقع دائما. يشير الوصف التقليدي للشعور بنوبة قلبية إلى أنها تشبه وجود حمل ثقيل يسحق صدرك، ويكون ذلك مصحوبا بشعور بالإرهاق الشديد. وكما تُظهر بعض أفلام السينما، يضع الشخص المصاب يده على صدره، ويظهر الهلع.......

The symptoms of "silent" heartfelt للنوبة may prevent نجاتك

Had we believe that the effects of heart attack risk will be sufficiently serious it is impossible to ignore them, but not this is the reality has always been. Referring description traditional sense of a heart attack that it is similar to the presence of carrying a heavy crushes your chest, accompanied by a sense of extreme fatigue.

3  Vaccination Adverse Effects

In combination with: Grèce;

Nonfiction: A Brand-New Version of Our Origin Story External link

Source country nytimes vendredi 20 avril 2018 12 h 03 CEST | info [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [Greece] Greece[1]; geo[Greece]; [VaccinationAdverseEffects] (Vaccination)immunity[1]; (Vaccinationrisks)Death[1];

Autres catégories: vaccination;

A Romanian skeleton from 40,000 years ago, already recognized by anatomists as a probable hybrid, proves to have somewhere between 6 percent and 9 percent Neanderthal genes, implying further hybridization when modern humans reached Europe. The skeleton may have had a Neanderthal relative just a few generations back....

La richiesta dell’Europarlamento di maggiore trasparenza nella produzione di vaccini External link

Source country panoramasanita vendredi 20 avril 2018 10 h 15 CEST | info English text... [en] [fr] [other]

Mots-clés [Greece] Grecia[2]; geo[Grecia]; [VaccinationAdverseEffects] (Vaccination)vaccinale[4]; vaccini[7]; vaccino[1]; vaccinazioni[2]; vaccinazione[4]; (Vaccinationrisks)decessi[2]; morti[1];

Autres catégories: Rougeole; Épidémie; vaccination; ECDC; Measles Vaccine;

Preoccupazione per l’impatto sulla salute sula riduzione dei tassi di vaccinazione. Secondo il Parlamento europeo gli Stati dovrebbero acquistare le dosi di vaccino congiuntamente per far scendere i prezzi. Ripristinare la fiducia attraverso una maggiore trasparenza....

The request of the EUropean parliament for greater transparency in the production of vaccines

Concerns about the health impact on reducing rates of vaccination. According to the EUropean parliament they should buy the vaccine doses congiuntamente to bring down prices. Restoring confidence through greater transparency.


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