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3  Zika Virus

In combination with: Venezuela; Reino Unido; Ecuador; Colombia;

Venezuela travel advice External link

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Trigger words: [Zika] Zika virus[2]; Zika[2]; [Venezuela] Venezuela[10]; Caracas[3]; Venezuelan[1]; geo[Venezuela];

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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to within 80 km (50 miles) of the Colombian border and 40 km (25 miles) of the Brazilian border. Drug traffickers and illegal armed groups are active along the border area with Colombia and Brazil and there is a risk of kidnapping....

weitere Nachrichten zum Thema Panorama External link

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Trigger words: [Zika] Zika[1]; [Venezuela] Venezuela[3];

Entidades: Niels Hoegel[2];

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Mindestens 31 Kinder sollen auf einem Campingplatz missbraucht worden sein. Obwohl inzwischen drei Verdächtige im Gefängnis sind, ziehen die Ermittler heftige Kritik auf sich. Die Gescholtenen wehren sich: Die Kripo sei ausgeblutet. Missbrauchsfall: Suche nach verschwundenen Beweisstücken Drei Tote bei Frontalzusammenstoß in Nordrhein-Westfalen....

Further news on the issue of panorama

At least 31 children should have been abused on a campsite. Although three suspects in prison, the investigators fierce criticism. The reviled are: the Kripo is bled. Abuse case: search for missing items together three dead in frontal impact in north rhine-westphalia.

3  Yersinia Pestis (Plague)

In combination with: Australia;

Prisoner gets parole on 75th day of hunger strike, still not eating External link

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Trigger words: [YersiniaPestis] Bubonic[1]; plague[1]; [Australia] Australian[1]; Canberra[2]; geo[Canberra];

Entidades: Julie Bishop[1]; Erin Handley[1];

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A Canberra prisoner 75 days into a hunger strike that has seen him hospitalised for weeks has been granted parole. Isa Islam, 45, has been in prison since a frenzied stabbing on a Canberra man at Ainslie Shops in 2009. The victim was left quadriplegic, and requires an electric wheelchair for movement....

Steve Irwin honoured in Google doodle External link

Source country abc-au viernes 22 de febrero de 2019 08H30' CET | info [es] [other]

Trigger words: [YersiniaPestis] Bubonic[1]; plague[1]; [Australia] Australian[2];

Entidades: Julie Bishop[1]; Erin Handley[1]; Steve Irwin[2];

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. Posted February 22, 2019 17:57:14. Australian conservationist and documentary star Steve Irwin was the subject of a moving Google doodle on February 22, 2019. It would have been Irwin's 57th birthday. Source: | Duration: 22sec. Topics: This week we imagined a world without the Beatles but were.......


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