Brazilian citrus sector updates list of authorized agrochemicals in the Ministry of Agriculture External link

Source country agropages Wednesday, December 12, 2018 7:21:00 AM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAAcaricides] (Acaricides)acaricides[1]; (FoodList)Food[1];

Other categories: Pesticides; Fungicides; Herbicides; Insecticides;

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages. A new update of the PIC (Integrated Citrus Production) List was announced on December 3, which is the authorized agrochemical grid for the Citrus Integrated Production system of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA)....

Pidocchi, attenti alle lozioni a base di malathion. Ritiri in Francia External link

Source country ilsalvagente Monday, December 10, 2018 12:18:00 PM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAAcaricides] (Acaricides)acaricida[1]; (FoodList)riso[1];

Other categories: Safety of Medicines; Pesticides; Insecticides;

Malathion in testa? No grazie. L’ Ansm , l’Agenzia francese per la sicurezza dei farmaci, ha tolto dalla vendita il trattamento antipediculosi Prioderm per la presenza del temuto malathion associato al terpineolo : “Queste sostanze possono causare, in dosi eccessive, disturbi neurologici “, ricorda.......

Lice, attentive to lotions to basis of malathion. Withdrawals in France

Malathion ahead? No thanks. The Ansm, the french agency for drug safety, has removed from sale treatment antipediculosi Prioderm for the presence of the feared Malathion associato filter-sterilized terpineol: “these substances may result in excessive doses, neurological disorders ", recalls.

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Excesul de antibiotice a sporit rezistența microbilor patogeni. Cum reparăm distrugerile? „În inconştienţa sa, omul se Joacă de-a Dumnezeu“ Ideea boli External link

Source country romanialibera Wednesday, December 12, 2018 9:29:00 AM CET | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [EFSABactericides] (Bactericides)bactericide[1]; (FoodList)Ei[1];

Entities: Alvin Toffler[1];

Other categories: Nosocomial; Antimicrobial resist; Medicinal Products; Obesity; Clostridium; Other Zoonoses; Bacteria;

Profesorul Dorin Sarafoleanu susţine că, potrivit noilor cercetări medicale, inserţia de fecale de la un organism sănătos prin endoscopie în intestinul celui cu floră distrusă ar fi soluţia viitorului de eradicare a flagelului, în condiţiile în care probioticele au eficienţă limitată....

Demonio de Tasmania: El diabólico posible salvador de los humanos External link

Source country peru21 Monday, December 10, 2018 12:22:00 AM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [EFSABactericides] (Bactericides)bactericida[2]; (FoodList)leche[6]; LECHE[1];

Other categories: Medicinal Products; Enterococcus; Other Zoonoses; Bacteria;

Además, la leche del demonio de Tasmania es una de esas sustancias con futuro prometedor por su potencial bactericida. (Getty) Al escuchar el nombre ' ', seguramente viene a la mente el simpático personaje de dibujos animados, 'Taz', y su peculiar forma de hablar....

Demon of Tasmania: the diabolical possible salvador human

In addition, the milk of the devil of Tasmania is one of these substances with promising future for its potential bactericide. (Getty) To hear the name '', probably comes to mind the cutesy character of cartoons, 'Taz', and its peculiar way of speaking.

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What's behind smelly wine External link

Source country eurekalert Wednesday, December 12, 2018 2:52:00 PM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAFungicides] (Fungicides)ascorbic acid[2]; (FoodList)eggs[1]; beverage[1]; wine[11]; aroma[1]; Food[1];

Entities: Columbus Ohio[1];

Other categories: Sulphur Dioxide; Antioxidants; Preservatives;

Aging often improves the flavor of wine, but sometimes the beverage emerges from storage with an unpleasant smell. One of the prime culprits is hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S), which can give the affected wine an aroma of sewage or rotten eggs. In a report in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.......

The real reason why some wine smells so bad External link

Source country earth Wednesday, December 12, 2018 2:35:00 PM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAFungicides] (Fungicides)ascorbic acid[2]; (FoodList)Wine[1]; eggs[1]; wine[9]; aroma[1]; Food[1];

Other categories: Antioxidants; Preservatives;

There’s a lot more that goes into wine than stomping on bunches of grapes. Winemaking requires a thorough understanding of the fermentation process, when sugars are broken down into alcohol, as well as which grapes are required for the best blends, and how to This is just the tip of the iceberg for.......

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5 Ways To Make Your Period Better For The Environment External link

Source country huffingtonpost-us-en Wednesday, December 12, 2018 12:17:00 PM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAHerbicides] (Herbicides)herbicides[1]; (ContaminationList)New[1]; problem[1]; harm[1]; adverse effect[1]; Health[1]; change[1]; health[3]; Change[1]; pollution[1];

Entities: Grace Meng[1]; Philip Tierno[1];

Other categories: GMOs in food & feed 2; WHO; Pesticides; Toxins; Environment; Food Contact Material;

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Grace Meng said: “We want women to be able to know what chemicals are in these products, which come in direct contact with our bodies,”

Disposable tampons or pads are the go-to menstrual hygiene product for an overwhelming majority of menstruating Americans, with a reported 98 percent using either or both products every month. The average woman ― and transgender and nonbinary person who menstruates ― will spend approximately and use.......

Geen transparantie in onderzoek naar pesticiden. België en Nederland spannen samen tegen Vincent Harmsen. External link

Source country mo-nl Wednesday, December 12, 2018 10:47:00 AM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAHerbicides] (Herbicides)herbicide[1]; (ContaminationList)tot[2];

Other categories: Pesticides; WHO;

M et een beroep op de wetgeving voor openbaarheid van bestuur (Wob-verzoek) heeft onderzoeksjournalist Vincent Harmsen voor MO* en OneWorld documenten opgevraagd bij de Belgische en Nederlandse instanties die verantwoordelijk zijn voor de toelating van bestrijdingsmiddelen in de landbouw....

No transparency in research on pesticides. Belgium and the netherlands conspired against vincent-auriol Harmsen.

M et appealed to the legislation on the openness of government (Wob-verzoek) has investigative journalist Vincent Harmsen for mo75 * and OneWorld documents retrieved by the belgian and dutch authorities responsible for the authorisation of pesticides in agriculture.

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¿Aburridos de la democracia? External link

Source country irispress Wednesday, December 12, 2018 11:52:00 AM CET | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAInsecticides] (Insecticides)insecticida[1]; (ContaminationList)daño[1]; morir[1];

Entities: Bernard Crick[2];

Other categories:

Como actor institucional y como curioso del comportamiento político, me he mantenido atento en estos días a las explicaciones más o menos espontáneas que han ofrecido a través de los medios de comunicación aquellos votantes y abstencionistas que el domingo pasado propiciaron el éxito electoral del franquismo en Andalucía....

¿aburridos of democracy?

As institutional player and as curious political behaviour, I had vigilant in these days to the explanations more or less spontaneous have offered through the media those voters and abstainers that last Sunday, led to the electoral success of francoism in andalusia.

Clariant : and Eastman announce agrochemical collaboration External link

Source country 4-traders Wednesday, December 12, 2018 7:27:00 AM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAInsecticides] (Insecticides)insecticides[1]; (ContaminationList)toxicity[1];

Entities: Ralf Zerrer[1]; Global Head[1]; Dave Watson[1];

Other categories: Pesticides; Fungicides; Herbicides;

Clariant named as supplier for a highly effective solvent to be used in agrochemical formulations; Clariant brings formulation expertise and market access to support agrochemicals industry; Eastman delivers innovation excellence for effective, low-toxicity ingredient....

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Combatte acne, insetti e micosi: le mille virtù dell'olio di Neem External link

Source country giornaledibrescia Sunday, October 21, 2018 7:51:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [EFSANematocides] (Nematocides)nematocida[1]; (FoodList)olio[5]; col[1]; oliva[2]; paste[1]; burro[1]; semi[2];

Entities: Dea Madre[1];

Other categories: Herpes; Pesticides; Antiviral; Acaricides; Insecticides; Pharmaceuticals; Herpes virus; Viruses;

Sono pochi i problemi che l’ olio di Neem non può risolvere. L’unguento miracoloso è estratto dai semi dell’Azadirachta Indica, una pianta originaria dell’India dove è conosciuta col nome Arishta ossia l'albero capace di curare tutte le malattie mentre gli Arabi lo chiamano Shajar-e-Mubarak che significa «albero benedetto» ....

Combats acne, insects and fungal disease: the thousand virtù of oil of neem

Few problems śrem Neem oil cannot solve. The miraculous ointment is extracted from the seeds of Azadirachta Indica, plants originating in India where it is known as the tree ossia Arishta capable of treating all diseases while the arabs call Shajar - e - Mubarak which means' tree benedict’.

Ups! Air Kencing Tak Ampuh Atasi Sengatan Ubur-Ubur External link

Source country detikcom Sunday, October 14, 2018 11:21:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [EFSANematocides] (Nematocides)Nematosit[1]; nematosit[2]; nematositnya[1]; (FoodList)pasta[1];

Other categories:

Jakarta - Ditemukannya ubur-ubur di Pantai Ancol, Jakarta Utara mengharuskan wisatawan waspada pada keberadaan hewan beracun tersebut. Sengatan ubur-ubur umumnya menyakitkan namun tak berefek serius. Namun hal tersebut bergantung pada jenis hewan, racun,dan reaksi tubuh korban....

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Plant Growth Regulator

Cereals Seasonal Summary 2018 External link

Source country farms Wednesday, December 12, 2018 5:37:00 AM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAPlantGrowthRegulator] (PlantGrowthRegulator)plant growth regulator[1]; (FoodList)sprout[1]; seed[2]; grain[2];

Entities: Chad Anderson[1];

Other categories: Nitrogen; Pesticides; Fungicides; Herbicides; Fusarium; Fungi;

Fall 2017 Planting. Planting conditions started off well and continued through to mid-October with little disruption. Rainfall around Thanksgiving weekend halted soybean harvest and subsequently winter wheat planting but once conditions dried up planting continued through to November....

AgriThority® Adds Research Associate in North America with Crop & Technology Expertise External link

Source country agropages Friday, December 7, 2018 2:44:00 AM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAPlantGrowthRegulator] (PlantGrowthRegulator)plant growth regulator[1]; (FoodList)vegetable[1]; food[1];

Entities: Global Research[1];

Other categories: Pesticides;

AgriThority, an agricultural science consultancy specializing in accelerating new technologies to commercialization in markets around the world, welcomes Al Green as Research Associate for North America. Green has more than two decades of experience developing cutting-edge technologies, including.......

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Plant-based opportunity? New AGRANA organic potato fiber holds meat alternative potential External link

Source country foodingredientsfirst Saturday, December 1, 2018 4:24:00 AM CET | info [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAOthersIpconazole] (IpconazoleEFSA)Maltodextrin[1]; (FoodList)potatoes[1]; egg[7]; fruit[3]; vegetable[1]; Bread[1]; Meat[1]; starches[3]; Potato[1]; ice cream[1]; potato[9]; flour[2]; beverage[2]; Beverage[1]; Sugar[1]; Food[12]; Feed[1]; eggs[1]; biscuits[1]; Fruit[1]; Biscuits[1]; Breakfast Cereals[1]; cream[1]; food[7]; meat[6]; Pasta[1]; sugar[4];

Entities: Pet Food[1];

Other categories: Environment; Feed; Food Contact Material;

29 Nov 2018 --- Austrian-headquartered starch supplier AGRANA has innovated with the launch of a new organic potato fiber solution, to meet technical and health demands. At HiE 2018, which finishes today in Frankfurt, the company is presenting Agenafiber amid the strong rise of a high fiber fortification trend....

Zdravlje OVO KRIJU OD VAS KAO ZMIJA NOGE: Ukoliko pijete energetske napitke ovo MORATE ZNATI Prije 18 min 0 External link

Source country slobodna-bosna Friday, November 30, 2018 6:50:00 AM CET | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [EFSAOthersIpconazole] (IpconazoleEFSA)maltodekstrin[1]; (FoodList)pate[1]; aroma[1];

Other categories:

Postoji nekoliko istraživanja koja potvrđuju da energetski napici zaista na kratko vrijeme povećavaju mentalne i kognitivne sposobnosti, budnost i fizičku izdržljivost. Energija u energetskom napitku ne oslobađa se kao rezultat sagorijevanja kalorija, nego zbog stimulansa i vitamina, koje sadrži....

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