Avian flu

Dans le Sud-Ouest, la pénurie de canetons fragilise la production de foie gras External link

Source country lefigaro Thursday, April 27, 2017 10:59:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Avianflu] grippe aviaire[2];

Other categories: Influenza;

Depuis le début de l'épidémie de grippe aviaire, près de 150.000 canes reproductrices ont été euthanasiées. Première conséquence, les prix vont considérablement augmenter. Une crise peut en cacher une autre… À cinq semaines du redémarrage de la production de canards dans les élevages du Sud-Ouest,.......

In south-western, the shortage of duckling weakens the production of foie gras

Since the beginning of the epidemic of avian influenza, almost 150 000 breeding canes were euthanased. First consequence, prices will increase considerably. A crisis may hide a autre… to five weeks of restarting production duck farms in the south - west,....

Hong Kong bans import of poultry meat and products from Nyköping Municipality, Sweden External link

Source country gov-hk-zh Thursday, April 27, 2017 9:33:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Avianflu] outbreak[1]; outbreaks[1]; H5N8[1]; avian influenza[2];

Other categories: OIE; Aves;

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department announced today (April 27) that in view of a notification from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) about an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N8 avian influenza in Nyköping Municipality of Sweden, it has.......

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Coronavirus Infection

Cause Of Owasso Infant's Death Unknown, ME Says External link

Source country newson6 Wednesday, April 26, 2017 9:26:00 PM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [CoronavirusInfection] Death[1]; coronavirus[1]; death[6]; virus[1];

Other categories: Enterovirus; Other Zoonoses; Viruses;

OWASSO, Oklahoma - The state medical examiner's office said they cannot determine what caused the death of an Owasso infant. Five-month-old Brice Vickers was found unresponsive in a home in the 18000 block of East 76th Street North on February 10, 2017. He died later that morning at Saint John Owasso....

MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome - Coronavirus) External link

Source country bmg Wednesday, April 26, 2017 11:21:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [CoronavirusInfection] MERS-CoV[7]; Middle East Respiratory Syndrome[2]; Coronavirus[1]; Virus[1]; MERS CoV[1]; MERS-Coronavirus[1];

Other categories: Respiratory Syndrome; ECDC; MERS; Hajj; Austria Official Sources; All Official Sources; Other Zoonoses; Hajj Diseases; Hajj Diseases;

Was ist MERS? MERS steht für das Middle East Respiratory Syndrome und bezeichnet eine Infektion der Atemwege, die durch das MERS-Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) verursacht wird. Das MERS-CoV ist ein im März 2012 erstmals beim Menschen aufgetretenes RNA Virus aus der Familie der Coronaviridae....

Mers-cov (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome - Coronavirus)

What is MERS? Mers represents the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and means an infection of the Respiratory tract, by the MERS-Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). The MERS-CoV is a in March 2012 for the first time in humans aufgetretenes RNA Virus from the family of Coronaviridae.

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Dengue Fever

Fallece joven víctima del dengue en La Libertad External link

Source country larepublica-pe Thursday, April 27, 2017 9:55:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [DengueFever] epidemia[1]; Epidemia[1]; aumento[1]; dengue[7];

Entities: Luis Alberto[1]; Carlos Alberto[1];

Other categories: Epidemic; Medicinal Products;

En el hospital del Minsa de Chepén una joven de 22 años fue la primera víctima mortal en esta provincia. Epidemia afecta al norte del Perú luego de las lluvias, huaicos e inundaciones que provocó Daniela Vilca Sosaya de 22 años de edad, según su padre, acudió varios días en la última semana, pero no le diagnosticaron el mal....

Young victim dies of dengue in freedom

In the hospital the Minsa Chepén of a young man of 22 years was the first fatality in this province. Epidemic affects the northern peru after the rain, huaicos and floods that caused Daniela Vilca Sosaya 22 years of age, according to his father, came several days in the last week, but not diagnosed with the disease.

Dengue fever outbreak in Nauru hits 10 per cent ... External link

Source country watoday Thursday, April 27, 2017 9:41:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [DengueFever] outbreak[4]; Dengue[7];

Entities: Nick McKim[1]; Border Force[1];

Other categories:

That number is likely to have risen as health authorities struggle to contain an outbreak that is estimated to have affected up to 900 people on the island of 10,000. But authorities, including Australia's immigration department, are refusing to detail the extent of the crisis or what strategies have been put in place to combat it....

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Об эпидемическом подъеме заболеваемости корью в странах Европейского региона External link

Source country rospotrebnadzor-Ryazan-Oblast Thursday, April 27, 2017 10:45:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Measles] случаях[1]; случаи[1]; эпидемической[1]; эпидемический[1]; Эпидемическое[1]; случаев[1]; корью[2]; кори[1]; эпидемическом[1]; Случаи[1];

Other categories: Epidemic;

. По информации Федеральной службы по надзору в сфере защиты прав потребителей и благополучия человека в странах европейского региона с начала 2017 года наблюдается эпидемический подъем заболеваемости корью. Общее число пострадавших составляет более 4000 человек....

On the rise and epidemiological measles incidence in the countries of the european region

. For the information of the federal service for supervision in the sphere of protection of consumer rights and human welfare in the countries of the european region since the beginning of the year 2017 epidemic rise seen measles incidence. The total number of injured at more than 4,000.

Rich-poor gap tempers immunization drive, says Unicef External link

Source country oneworld Thursday, April 27, 2017 10:45:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Measles] measles[1]; deaths[1];

Other categories: Immunization;

In countries where 80 per cent of the world’s under-five child deaths occur, over half of the poorest children are not fully vaccinated. Globally, the poorest children are nearly twice as likely to die before the age of five as the richest. “In addition to children living in rural communities where.......

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Пермяков призвали привиться против клещей External link

Source country rg Thursday, April 27, 2017 10:18:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Poliomyelitis] случаи[1]; полиомиелитом[1]; ростом[1]; случаев[4]; рост[1]; полиомиелита[1];

Other categories: Vaccination; Diphtheria; Lyme disease; Encephalitis; Communicable disease; Rabies;

По данным Роспотребнадзора, случаи нападения клещей зафиксированы в Перми, Коми-Пермяцком округе, Чайковском, Александровском, Верещагинском и Нытвенском районах. Исследования показали - два членистоногих являются переносчиками болезни. Пострадавшим назначены антивирусные препараты....

Permyakov called привиться against acariphages

According to rospotrebnadzor, cases of attacks acariphages recorded in perm, komi - Пермяцком district, Чайковском, aleksandrovsky, vereshchagin compromised and Нытвенском areas. Studies have shown marvo arthropod-related are carriers of the disease. Victim-centric appointed virus-warning preparatives.

Как предупредить заболевание полиомиелитом External link

Source country rospotrebnadzor-Ryazan-Oblast Thursday, April 27, 2017 9:45:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Poliomyelitis] полиовирусной[1]; полиомиелитом[1]; Полиомиелит[1]; паралитических[1]; полиомиелита[2]; полиомиелит[1]; полиомиелитной[1]; полиомиелите[1]; параличам[1];

Other categories: WHO;

. Полиомиелит - тяжелое инфекционное заболевание, характеризующееся поражением центральной нервной системы и приводящее к стойким параличам, инвалидизации и даже летальному исходу. Заболевание характеризуется разнообразием клиническим форм - от стертых, легких (проявляются кратковременной.......

As a preventable disease poliomyelitic

. Polio - severe infectious disease characterized by lossof central nervous system and leading to persistent параличам, disability, and even fatal. The disease is characterized by a diversity of clinical form-card razed, light (apparent short-term.......

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Scandalo vaccini a Treviso: il giudice riapre il caso External link

Source country tribunatreviso Thursday, April 27, 2017 8:01:00 AM CEST | info English text... [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Rubella] rosolia[1];

Other categories: Vaccination; Measles;

False vaccinazioni a Treviso: la difesa di Emanuela Petrillo, "Ho sempre vaccinato" TREVISO. «Io non ho vaccinato? Lo dimostrino. So di aver fatto il mio lavoro a dovere, si essere stata indagata a mia insaputa per mesi e che l’inchiesta non ha portato a nulla, anzi è stata archiviata. Ora l’azienda la vuole riaprire? Le prove, voglio vederle»....

Scandal vaccines to Treviso: the judge reopens the case

False vaccinations to Trévise: the defence of Emanuela Petrillo, "I always vaccinated" Trévise. 'I am not vaccinated? Witness to this. I am doing my job properly, is being investigated for months and my knowledge that the investigation did not lead to anything, but has been shelved. Now the company wants to reopen? The evidence, I want to see them’.

Săptămâna Europeană a Imunizării - 24-30 aprilie „Vaccinurile sunt eficiente!" External link

Source country cuvantul-liber Thursday, April 27, 2017 7:21:00 AM CEST | info [en] [other]

Trigger words: [Rubella] rubeolei[2];

Entities: World Health Organization[1];

Other categories: Vaccination; WHO; Measles;

Prin sloganul „Vaccinurile sunt eficiente!", campania din Săptămâna Europeană a Imunizării 2017 are rolul de a sublinia necesitatea creşterii ratei de vaccinare. Potrivit Organizaţiei Mondiale a Sănătăţii (OMS), imunizarea este un factor important în procesul de prevenţie al unui număr semnificativ.......

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Zika Virus

NASA Astronauts Are Close to Identifying Unknown Microbe Colonies That Grow in Space External link

Source country sciencealert Thursday, April 27, 2017 9:56:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Zika] Zika[1];

Other categories: Communicable disease;

The International Space Station (ISS) is usually a pretty clean place. But where there are people, And when you're trapped in a giant hunk of metal some 400 kilometres (250 miles) above the surface of Earth, you really want to know what that furry white stuff is growing in the corner....

Biotech budding in Jupiter External link

Source country palmbeachpost Thursday, April 27, 2017 9:55:00 AM CEST | info [other]

Trigger words: [Zika] Zika virus[1]; Zika[5];

Entities: John Kelly[1]; Ron Davis[1]; Bill Nelson[1]; John Malone[1]; Jeb Bush[1]; Daniel Flynn[1];

Other categories: orthopaedic devices; Yellow Fever; dental devices; Dental Implant;

Quotes... Quotes in this article

Bill Nelson said: “Unfortunately, these things take time, and it’s going to be a year or two or three,”

Ron Davis said: “You can’t see the differences, you can’t count them,”

Hyeryun Choe, a microbiologist at nonprofit Scripps Florida in Jupiter, began to study Zika as the virus’ apparent link to birth defects in Latin America grabbed headlines. “You have to just start from scratch,” she said in March as she described her work to Florida’s senior senator, Bill Nelson,.......

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